This blog holds this truth to be self evident: that throughout at least recent history and likely for thousands of years, the vast majority of this planet has been in the grips of a variety of secretive organizations which have consolidated power, controlled national financial and political systems, manipulated humanity, groups and nations, fomented conflict, financed war and genocide, carried out terrorist acts under their own and under another flag, and have attempted to put into effect a supreme over-arching agenda into effect which dictates the unification of the world under one flag, one government, and one religion.

This blog deems the above to be true and will not debate the existence of conspiracies or secret organizations, although we welcome debate and cogent amicable discussion regarding the specifics. Additionally, ignorance is highly frowned upon; you should at the very least be well versed in the recommended reading list and the other links from the MANDATORY READING page, or your communications have little merit and you will be directed to exit post haste and do your research. Skepticism for its own sake is a dead end road. Insults will not be tolerated. We welcome constructive criticism, viable suggestions, and reasonable complaints.

The mission of this site is to provide a cogent and serious analysis, discussion, and news forum pertaining to the occulted world within our own, without histrionics, melodrama, fear or panic mongering, survivalist paranoia, or covert agendas. The main goal within is to compare and contrast historical events, and draw parallels to our own modern day events to potentially LEARN from history, see the patterns used by the elites on humanity, and understand that which is being done to us plus attempt to comprehend the road we are being led down. We are in no way attempting to change minds or hearts or awaken humanity to reality of the “Matrix”; we believe humanity is basically lost and have come to terms with this situation. We merely attempt to elucidate and benefit our own power of reason and knowledge, and benefit those who are on the brink of, partially, or fully awake.

This site is in no way affiliated with or takes any guidance or accepts assistance from any governments, or financial or corporate institutions, and is not affiliated with or supports any mainstream political movement, including Democrat, Republican, the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, Oathkeepers, etc. We lean Anarcho-Capitalist-Libertarian and always favor small local governance.

This site is the culmination of over two decades of deep research into and personal experience with: history, current events, psychology, intuitive thinking, esoteric and occult beliefs, religion, and political ideology. The facts, views, and opinions revealed herein shall be a carefully constructed synthesis of an enormous wealth of information hardly capable of enumeration. No source will be off limits to analysis; both mainstream and alternative media will be utilized and analyzed for content and hidden agendas.

The author of this blog is a lifelong student of being a student, a lover of learning, knowledge, and the light of truth, a precocious analyzer of multiple streams of data, an attorney, psychologist, criminologist, athlete, veteran, musician, health and fitness fanatic, and INTP on the Myers Briggs personality scale. A fire breathing dragon of love.