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This final installment of the Skull and Bones series will detail how this nefarious entity, in addition to having extremely deleterious and far-reaching effects at home, has reached out across the planet to foment war, genocide, and chaos in general. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Anthony Sutton a researcher, professor, and truth-seeker, for his expose of the double-dealing evil that permeated every strata of our ‘freedom-loving’ democratic governments, and this power is managed from the heights that controls our financial systems.

The liberal enlightenment philosophy of the west, espoused by the founders of the Unites States, was directly countered and opposed by the statist ideology coming out of Germany, espoused by the likes of Kant, Fichte, and finally Hegel, the main culprit, who saw the State as “the march of God through history.” His works clearly state that a citizen’s only duty is to the State, and that freedom can only be found by total obedience to the State. This is where Skull and Bones, The Group in Britain, and the Illuminati in Bavaria get their inspiration, consciously or not.

Hegel’s main contribution was in the nature of forcing progress toward this “State as God” society by means of creating “anti-thesis” to any idea that would promote freedom and liberty, or to other totalitarian philosophies. So Socialism was the anti-thesis to Capitalism, and Nazism was the anti-thesis to Communism. Islam is the anti-thesis to the new quasi-Capitalist highly regulated system we have after the merger of Nazism and Communism with Western paradigms after the Cold War. Basically, under this philosophy the divine right of State has replaced the divine right of kings.

The theory being that a thesis’ conflict with its opposite concepts, the anti-thesis, will eventually bring about, not a pure victory of one or the other, but a form of merger of the two into a new third: a “synthesis“. This is apparently what is to become the New World Order, as there were many such “New Orders” previously, for example Hitler used the term “New Order”, as did the creators of the US seal on the dollar bill, the 13 step pyramid with the phrase “novus ordo sec(u)lorum” (the ‘u’ was intentionally omitted to make the phrase fit the desired pattern in which a drawn upside down pyramid would spell ‘mason’ by its points, together with the visible pyramid).

Separate posts will go into more detail on the Hegelian dialectic being played out before our very eyes, each day, the world over, and the Masonic entanglements in so many global events.

We read from Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment:

In fact, there is another largely unrecorded history and it tells a story quite different than our sanitized textbooks. It tells a story of the deliberate creation of war, the knowing finance of revolution to change governments, and the use of conflict to create a New World Order.

The Bolsheviks

The main vehicles used by Skull & Bones to support the Bolshevik revolutionaries was the Guaranty Trust Company of New York and the private investment firm Brown Brothers Harriman, founded through some highly nefarious financial chicanery. The main figure behind this financing machine was Averell Harriman, who made the first loans to the Soviets by the West, in contravention of US law at the time.

Of note, is that this was only one facet of the clandestine dialectical financing network, there were numerous others flowing through other wealthy benefactors, such as J.P. Morgan, J.R. Grace, Armand Hammer, and David Rockefeller, in addition to open supporters such as Henry Ford.

Financing Nazis and Bolsheviks

Stalin himself had admitted that the west built all industry in the Soviet Union before and during World War 2, and Harriman was well aware of this since he was Ambassador to the Soviets from 1941, however, after the war, as ambassador to Great Britain and later US representative to NATO, he always strongly pushed for a military build up against the looming threat the Russians supposedly posed. He was instrumental in setting the policy and posture of the entire Cold War, and he was the patriarch of the Democratic party well into the 1980’s.

Harriman was also well aware that the Russians had no technology of their own, besides that which was shared with them by the West, yet he pushed for greater trade with the Soviets, which is how technological transfer occurs, and yet simultaneously pushed for an aggressive oppositional defensive posture against the Eastern goliath. Harriman was playing both sides off against one another, a true con man instigator in the Iago mold.

Harriman family connections

The company behind a substantial portion of Nazi and Bolshevik financing was Guaranty Trust, a J.P. Morgan subsidiary since 1912. We read again:

The original capital for Guaranty Trust came from the Whitney, Rockefeller, Harriman and Vanderbilt families, all represented in The Order, and on the Board of Guaranty Trust by family members throughout the period we are discussing… a member of The Order was Vice President, then President of Guaranty Trust Company in the years 1915 to 1928 – the years which record the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Hitler to power in Germany.

Brown Brothers Harriman was another financing firm, almost completely dominated by Bonesmen, which was instrumental in the dialectic. It operates today, in the same fashion as before, having suffered no discomfort whatsoever for their prior criminal and genocidal activity, same as the law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, perhaps the most prominent and expensive firm on Wall Street today, founded by at least one Bonesman, who strongly and openly pushed for US support for Bolsheviks. Their power has not waned, just the opposite.

And support for Bolsheviks the US did provide. Assisting the revolution by holding the trans-Siberian railroad until they could muster a greater force to seize the area themselves. Weapons and ammo were provided, as was training to the new Soviet Army, all while the leaders of the revolution were daily denouncing the bourgeois capitalists to their loyal workers of the world. Numerous records of these events exist:

Bolsheviks thank US

Bolsheviks thank the US for keeping out the Japanese from invading

Bonesmen strongly pushed Washington to provide aid and recognize the new Soviet government, which did not occur until 1933, although a great deal of material aid was provided throughout this time nonetheless. Amon Pinchot, a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, class of 1897 Bonesman, together with William Kent, Bonesman class of 1887, and a strong “Republican” Senator conspired to have the blockade against exports to Russia lifted through closed meetings with the US Tariff Commission, unclear to what extent they succeeded, but certainly no one was prosecuted for the violations of the embargo on Russia.

In the early 1920’s International Barnsdall Corporation was given the contract to set up the equipment and commence extraction of the Caucasus oil fields which lay dormant since the revolution, and produced more oil at the time than did the US. The company was headed by an Order frontman, Matthew Brush, and American workers were brought in to work on the rigs for a number of years.

Soviet manganase deposits received similar treatment, resulting in deals with W.A. Harriman Company and Guaranty Trust, which led to the creation of the Georgian Manganase Company to carry out the obligations, chaired by the very same Matthew Brush; quite a coincidence. The US government investigation of these illegal activities was stifled quickly and easily in its early stages.

There was substantially more clandestine financial activity between the West and the Bolsheviks, who were supported from the very beginning by the US and its Wall Street owners, with full knowledge of the top echelons of government, and nothing was done to stop it, just the contrary was in fact true.

For example, while Guaranty Trust conducted banking activity with the Soviets, with Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett (an Order law firm) providing intermediary communications between the US government and The Order’s financial machinery. Major Jordan’s Diaries provide further disturbing elucidation on the extent of US financing and build-up of the future Cold War enemy. In closing on this topic, Sutton summarizes:

In fact, at this very time the United States, with implicit government approval, was involved in planning the First Five Year Plan in Russia. The planning work was done actively by American firms. Construction of the Soviet dialectic arm continued throughout the 1930s up to World War II. In 1941 W.A. Harriman was appointed Lend Lease Administrator to assure the flow of United States technology and products to the Soviet Union. Examination of Lend lease records shows that U.S. law was violated. The law required military goods only to be shipped. In fact, industrial equipment in extraordinary amounts was also shipped and Treasury Department currency plates so that the Soviets could freely print U.S. dollars. Since World War II the United States has kept the Soviets abreast of modern technology…

The Nazis

This is the other side of the dialectic, and somewhat more brief than that of the Bolsheviks. One of the main financial conduits, as is generally acknowledged, was Fritz Thyssen, who funneled millions of marks to build up the early national socialist movement. To make a short story shorter, Thyssen had a front bank in Holland, which controlled a New York bank called Union Banking Corporation.

This operation was basically full of Skull & Bones members; four out the eight board members were Bonesmen, and two were known Nazis. The most significant point is that one of the four was Prescott Bush, whose son and grandson would become presidents. Prescott would go on to Brown Brothers, Harriman. Furthermore, the Harrimans were also involved in this bank, E. Roland Harriman, Averel’s brother was a director. Guaranty Trust was represented by Knight Wooley, another Bonesman.

All the Skull & Bones members named above were in the very same class.

In addition, we know that Standard Oil, the Rockefeller operation, was ferrying oil using its ships under Panamanian flags and manned by Nazi officers to German controlled Canary Islands. (Percy Rockefeller was a Bonesman, class of 1900). The FBI has a memorandum on the subject stating this much.

RCA was another major conduit channel, which was another Morgan-Rockefeller concern. Furthermore, Chase bank was a major collaborator, with well documented operations in France under German occupation, holding Nazi accounts and facilitating many transactions for the occupiers. The Germans wanted to keep the bank open for numerous reasons, including post-war financing, and the NY headquarters was in full agreement with this policy. Five member of The Order were in the top strata of the Chase bank governing body, including Percy Rockefeller, mentioned above.

We have seen elsewhere on this site, the satirical cartoon trashing J.P. Morgan, among other industrialists, for being overly friendly with Marxists:

JP Morgan shaking hands with Marx

So clearly, the Morgan Chase operation can be conclusively proven to have financed both the Communists and the Nazis. The former through its illegal exports of US technology to the Soviets in the 1920’s, such as aircraft engines… Finally, Ford’s connections to Hitler and the 3rd Reich are well documented.

This concludes the brief run-down of the three part series pertaining to the historical actions of the Skull and Bones secret society in influencing and changing the world we live in. Thanks for reading!


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