Much of the material on this site concerns hoaxes, lies, distortions, and control systems. The Christmas hoax lines up with this theme nicely. The consensus of pretty much all sources is that Jesus, Iesous, or Yahshua, if such a person existed, was not born on December 25th, this date was chosen some time in the 4th century, the reasons for which are in some “dispute,” if you wish to call it that.

This alone makes the holiday suspect. The main problem I have with the entire theory of this date, or the entire idea of a historical Jesus for that matter, is that answers to rather significant questions have remained unanswered.


Photo of the sun taken from a fixed point each day for one year: analemma.

When deducing my own beliefs, I like to ask a broad variety of questions, the more taboo the better. I attempt to resolve my inquiries with logical and reasonable conclusions, because if the responses are mere opinion or based on flawed reasoning or fictitious history or alternative explanations for that which is most likely to have been the state of affairs, then my view of the disputed facts will not shift to comport with the proposed revisions.

This is where “religion” generally encounters many difficulties, with its myriad of “forbidden knowledge” and “mysteries” the little people are not permitted to access. Let’s look at the specifics of the Christmas hoax next.

Let’s start with the most basic of questions: would it not make sense to a person of sound mind, who is able to apply common sense through his divine deductive powers, that if His virgin birth was foretold by celestial events and the magi who traveled great distances to see Him, his birth date would have been exactly and specifically recorded, likely in many places?

Not only was His birth but most certainly His death date should be known with particularity, yet we have no idea of the specific dates of either one! In spite of the fact that the Julian calendar was in effect at the time across all the Roman provinces, since January 1st, 45 BCE.

These are simple questions. Birthdays were certainly recorded at this time, but not the most significant one for us today.

sun path

Solstices and equinoxes

If anyone can comment with an answer, it would be much appreciated, and perhaps the Christmas hoax can become the Christmas truth. And if you plan to quote some nebulous passage of questionable veracity with questionable references of someone who may or may not have been the historical Jesus, you will not be greeted with any particular eagerness. The fact IS, and shall remain as FACT, that the 25th of December was a holiday and day of celebration for eons prior to the Christian usurpation of this day of winter solstice. Sun worship was the oldest religion, and oddly enough it continues to this day. But not so surprisingly, actually.

Without getting into the astrological issues too much, individuals dying to put their two cents in have also come up with spring as the birth date due to biblical statements, which would put it around the spring equinox, when the sun is “born” out of winter, and many of Judaism’s holiest days occur, not by accident. The Christmas hoax is widely acknowledged and yet it persists in entirely pagan form.

winter equinox

Winter equinox as it appeared 2k years ago.

You are probably aware that the ecliptic of the sun is at its nadir on December 22-24, and the sun hangs/dies on the same degree (masonic reference) as it rises each day, for three days, and is then “resurrected” north on December 25th, by one degree.

This is an astronomical fact, and it occurred long before any theoretical birth of Jesus, in fact it probably occurred for millions or even billions of years prior. Is it a mere coincidence that the movements of the Light of the World, our Risen Savior, our Sun exactly parallel the story of the resurrection? Perhaps it is, or perhaps it the Christmas hoax.

Belt of Orion pointing to Sirius; the Celestial Prophesy.

Belt of Orion pointing to Sirius; the Celestial Prophesy.

We won’t get into the details of ALL the innumerable astrological and astronomical similarities here, such as the “southern cross” constellation, there is so much great information online regarding these topics…


Vatican keyhole with obelisk, which as a sun dial, tracks the shape the sun creates as it moves: X and I can be clearly seen: IXOYE

The point here is to ask yourself some questions: whether what you believe is based on fact, theory, myth or propaganda, and the evidence that was used to create this belief in you?

Are you arriving at your own conclusions, or deferring your beliefs to so-called “experts” and “scholars”? Do you possess sufficient powers of reason to deduce your own conclusions, apart from what you are being told, or are you only capable of deferring to those deemed your intellectual/spiritual superiors, and presume that the information you are given is in fact, nothing but truth?

What motive would someone have for creating these false beliefs in others? What powers would an entity need to possess to create these beliefs, and would such a conspiracy to create a false ideology be possible in fact? How have these beliefs shaped our civilization, or lack thereof, since the time of their creation? Is it possible that if the Christmas hoax is a reality, there are other hoaxes being carried out?

dark ages

History Channel special

Consider for a minute the ubiquitous claim made by espousers of religious doctrine: that Christianity has been a force for peace, good and progress throughout history, and then consider whether there was any period of history after the Pax Romana (where Christianity existed in a completely different form), which could be considered a period of peace, even among so called “Christian” nations.

Consider whether the many centuries of slavery were “good”, the centuries of European nations’ conflicts with one another, with other continents, with other races, consider colonialism, consider the Crusades, consider the Inquisition, consider the dark ages, the wars just between the Christian sects (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, etc.), wars between the different religions‚Ķ

Then consider the Age of Enlightenment, when the power of the Church was challenged successfully, and its consequences in art and philosophical renaissance, which eventually led to industrial development and the microchip which rules us today. None of this progress occurred through consent of any Church.


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