We have already addressed the strategy of “divide and conquer” in prior posts, and we will shortly address the thesis that modern day immigration issues facing America have historical precedent in the colonial slave trade, which to those who can see, reveals the social experimentation and manipulation carried out by those who wield the reigns.

divide and conquerThe following are some clear-cut, well known, examples of the “divide and conquer” strategy having been, or currently being used, by nations in a superior position against those over whom those powers wished to exercise extended control, although some may be more clear-cut than others, anyone who subscribes to the coincidental view of history will have trouble processing the information in this post and this site:


Division of the Kingdom of Israel into five provinces by Rome after the uprisings in 1st century CE.
Division of Macedonia into four separate Roman provinces after conquest in 2nd century BCE.
Julius Ceasar would always divide tribes which he conquered in Europe into small independent autonomous regions.
Britain all around Africa, particularly through Cecil Rhodes, who played various tribes against one another, until near defeat, when he would step in and provide assistance.
Britain in Ireland during early 17th century, by flooding Ireland with Protestant settlers loyal to the crown.
Britain in Nigeria splitting up the various tribes.
Britain in Iraq in early 20th century, where the Sunni minority ruled the majority Shia.
After establishing rule, Britain split up India into Pakistan and created Kashmir as a perpetually disputed territory by giving control to India although mostly populated with Muslims and dominated politically by Hindus.
The State of Israel being carved out by Britain in 1948 with defined and limited borders, a war permitted to occur, with Israel emerging victorious and larger, forever creating a guarantee that peace would never be possible because of the disputed lands.
State of Israel by flooding disputed territories with settlers whom would be governed by Israel, in order to reduce the influence of native Arabs and establish a claim to the land in the future.
State of Israel by fomenting Kurdish separatism against Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran .
United States and Britain during the Strategy of Tension, otherwise known as Operation Gladio, having occurred in Europe in the 60’s-80’s wherein stay-behind CIA/MI6 trained partisans would be used to wage guerrilla warfare in case of a Russian invasion, which was a deception, but who were actually used to carry out domestic terrorism plots killing scores of people in a bid to foment fear and hatred of Communism, in a bid to ramp up the Cold War and create an excuse for the increased police state.

Frankly, I consider the entire Cold War as an extended hoax, full of spy games, intrigues, Cold_War_by_lunatunesmurder, and propaganda of a third world war between Russia and America which could never occur. The entire conflict with Communists in Latin America, the dictators, the genocide, the revolutions were merely part of the same ploy to divide and conquer this continent manifested through the two main ‘superpowers’ by some other higher power functioning above and through both. This will be addressed in greater detain in future posts.

Russia in Ukraine, by flooding the east and Crimea with ethnic Russians during Stalin’s reign, in order to weaken Ukraine’s ethnic identity, religiosity and cement Russian control, known as the Holodomor genocide. Similar programs were carried out in the Baltics, Central Asia, Siberia, and inside Russia.
German and Belgian colonization of Rwanda and the division of a generally homogenous population into Hutus and Tutsis, with no particularly discernible difference besides asset ownership.
US invasion of Iraq which removed the Sunni minority from power and set off tribal warfare in a bid for power with the Shia, thereby weakening both in the process.

In fact, what I see as the strategy of divide and conquer is far more than military or governmental implementation of a strategy of tension, but in fact any artificially created situation where one group is given a label and another group stamped with a different label, can be a form of intentional division and manufacture of conflict.


We may only hate and conflict with permissible groups

For example, sports teams, international sporting events, nationalism, religious sects or denominations, racial hostility, class resentment, gender acrimony, sexual orientation conflicts, and the like are examples of artificially created labels which in modern times are all utilized in the propaganda campaigns from the control system to foment conflict.

Feel free to respond with your own historical examples, and discuss the above examples, whether they are flawed, mischaracterized or any other analysis you care to offer.


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