Nobody seems to REALLY know the answer… And if they do, well they certainly won’t tell YOU about it. They talk about the history of the Egyptian obelisk in Vatican Square, and who did what and when yada yada yada, but what does the obelisk TRULY represent? Why was it so significant to Egypt, and why did it become so significant to Rome? You will be surprised to discover that the belief systems of today are nothing new, but merely a repackaged version of far more ancient teachings than we are being led to believe. You will soon understand why the Masons and other occult groups LOVE to use the eye of Horus as their main symbol.

Vatican keyhole with obelisk

Vatican Square keyhole with obelisk

We must realize that to the ancients, ‘God’ was what they saw around them on the earth and in the skies, each day, month to month, season to season, year to year. By the time of Egypt, astrolatry or star science/religion/astronomy was well developed, these were all considered to be one and same. Let’s recall the legend of Osiris Isis and Set: Set kills his brother Osiris and cuts him up, Isis finds him and is impregnated with Horus before he again dies leaving only his phallus, which is the obelisk; phallus of God.

You see, the sun has always been a divine entity, although not God the creator of the universe. The sun was understood not have been sufficiently powerful to create the entire universe, but it was realized to be the creation of God which oversees and sustains all life on earth, with actual God seen to encompass all SPACE and TIME, the whole of the vast incomprehensible universe surrounding us. And our planet, was considered to represent the feminine generative principle: our Mother, and the oceans being her womb. Here you have the first, the one, the only Trinity: one God with three aspects.

Much like our modern day religion, the Egyptians had the exoteric and esoteric doctrines. Meaning, that similar to the Gnostics, the early Christians later wiped out by the Vatican’s minions, who understood the religious texts to never have been intended to be taken literally and did not provide us with historical fact, but were in fact enlightened to the deeper symbolic, metaphysical, and spiritual interpretations of the said dogma, the Egyptians had one belief system for the masses and another for initiates into their “mystery schools,” the esoteric doctrines; the forerunners to Freemasonry, and other similar secret societies which preceded them.

As you can see in the photo above, Vatican Square is shaped as a keyhole, so why is it called a “square”? The “square” has a distinctly Masonic connotation to the initiate, one you should research on your own. Just as each town likely has a “town square” i.e. Red Square, Tienanmen Square, Times Square, etc., most towns of our civilization, large and small, were historically founded and built by builder sects in close conjunction with the priesthoods of their day, the Vatican was no different, and this remains so to this day. These groups were forerunners to Freemasonry; some were initiates into the mystery schools, some just did what they were told. You can still see the same designs and architectural techniques used today: the arches, domes, pyramids, crosses, sun rays, are all still very common in all types of buildings.

Getting back to the key-hole shape of Vatican Square, we must recognize that it is only the Pontifex Maximus who holds the proverbial keys to the mysteries (of God), and that institution will grant those keys to no other soul. But of course the various pre-Masonic Gnostic societies have had those very same keys in their possession likewise since the days of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and India. The Vatican has stolen their light, and claimed it as their own, providing a disfigured and grotesque control system to the masses it seeks to rule.

Left: sun sine with dates of the equinoxes (left to right), solstices (top to bottom) and the sun’s ecliptic forming the “yin and yang” shape, in fact a Roman symbol. On right: representation of an obelisk as seen from above. Sun’s apparent motion on both figures designated by arrows.

Left: sun sine with dates of the equinoxes (left to right), solstices (top to bottom) and the sun’s ecliptic forming the “yin and yang” shape, in fact a Roman symbol. On right: representation of an obelisk as seen from above. Sun’s apparent motion on both figures designated by arrows.

What does the obelisk represent? In fact, it is nothing other than a giant sun dial. And there you have it: the esoteric meaning that should open a new world of understanding. Looking at the illustration above, you notice that we have the representation of the zodiac wheel on the left, which includes the sun’s ecliptic, and on the right the view from above an obelisk, or sun dial, as seen at the Vatican Square. You will notice that the equinox dates coincide with the points at the center line through the X, and the solstice dates fall on either side of the X. These are two representations of the same thing: the movement of our planet around the sun, or from our point of view the sun’s movement across our field of vision.

On top of the X, you see when the sun rotates throughout the year to the right we get spring, and on the first day of summer June 21, it casts a shadow across the obelisk as it rises and as it sets, forming the right leg of the ‘X’. Here the sun begins its journey back through summer ending again on the equinox of September 21, where fall begins, and the second I is formed from the obelisk’s shadow. The sun continues to travel left to the other leg of the X, hitting it on December 21, where the left leg of the X is created by the sun’s shadow upon rising and upon setting, when it begins it’s journey back again to the starting point of the Spring equinox, which completes the year. So we clearly and indisputably see that the sun creates the X through its annual movement, and the I as well, two of them in fact, one for each equinox.

We should remember that throughout most of history it was March 21 that was the start of a new year, including in the American colonies until the revolution; the colonists were mocked by the English for this refusal to adopt the new Gregorian calendar, in favor of the old Julian calendar (hence July 4th was actually June 25th, the solstice due to the old calendar being off by almost two weeks).

In fact, many large corporations were founded by secret societies who were well aware of this fact, hence their corporate symbols include solar or pyramid imagery, ie. sun rising above the horizon or sun rays, or pyramids. This astrological symbolism is particularly common in car emblems such as Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda.

It is this X we speak of when we learn about the events of the bible, the cross of the X, the anointing of the X, the crucifixion, and the earliest symbols of Christianity, those being the Chi Rho among others, formed precisely from this X and I. This particular obelisk in Vatican Square was taken from the vicinity of the Egyptian city Cairo, obviously a clue to the roots of Christianity.

Chi Rho at Vatican

Chi Rho at Vatican; notice Alpha and Omega symbols on either side, giving us further clues to the origins of Christianity: they are indisputably zodiac symbols for Pisces and Libra.

Incidentally consider how many of our words have the letters “chi” in them, from Catholic, to Christ, to Chicago, to “Chi” the Asian concept of energy. These remnants are not accidental. Further, consider all the national flags and corporate brands with an X and I used on them, in our present day, the meaning may be lost to most, but these symbols are eternal to humanity. More on this in future posts.

Returning to the symbolic meaning of the obelisk, we can see that once the year is complete on March 21, the creation or “son” of God: the sun, has fully anointed Mother Earth with the sign of the cross by casting its shadow upon the “phallus” of God: the obelisk. Now the generative process begins anew: rains begin in the spring after March 21, thus being the incarnation of God’s ‘sperm’ falling from the heavens to fertilize mother earth so that life may begin again though animal births and the growth of foliage and grains which feed humanity. The Easter bunny is a symbol of this generative process used during Easter/Ishtar or simply the Spring Equinox, because of the rabbit’s prodigious ability to procreate.

We should now realize why Egyptians considered the obelisk the phallus of God, which inseminates mother earth, in complete union with the heat and energy generated by his creation, our risen savior, the light of the world: our sun. Our sun, which sacrifices its own “life”, each second of our existence by burning up massive quantities of hydrogen to give us light and heat, so that we may live. Our sun, which will continue to produce eternal life on this planet so long as it continues to provide us with its life energy. Our sun is the redeemer because it gives us each new day, each new month, each new season, each new year, as an opportunity to start again, to cleanse ourselves spiritually, as the earth cleanses herself by “birthing” our sustenance in the spring and summer, by taking a period of rest from generation in the fall and winter, and then starting the cycle over again.

As above so below.

To be continued…


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