This post will be a continuation of the previous post, and you may have difficulty understanding it unless you have reviewed the post on the Vatican obelisk just prior. Here we will focus on the most important esoteric symbol of all: the obelisk and the shadows it casts during the motion of the Earth around the sun, which appear to be the sun moving around the Earth.

In quoting Wikipedia in this post, in no way do I endorse its veracity, reliability, or trustworthiness as a research tool; it is used for general illustration purposes only.

To briefly restate: an obelisk, any obelisk, is a sun dial (anthropomorphized into the phallus of a God), it is the key to the secrets held by all Abrahamic religions in that the truth of the matter is that the star at the center of our solar system is the main ‘god’ (small ‘g’)in every historical religion or system of spiritual belief, whether esoteric or exoteric. Much of the time the truth is revealed only to initiates into the belief system (esoteric) with the star/sun anthropomorphized into some type of God or son of God (exoteric). The exoteric doctrines are for the masses, introduced and propagated by the clerical classes for the purposes of retaining control, social stability, and acknowledged authority over them. Those deemed worthy of the sacred understanding were sworn to secrecy on the penalty of death, the sacred knowledge passed on through the secret societies that have existed throughout the ages beginning in ancient India, Egypt, and Sumer, but here, you will receive it whether you are ready or not, and hopefully do with it some good.

Various symbols derived from the obelisk and the sun's movement

Various symbols derived from the obelisk and the sun’s movement

Let us begin:

Symbol number 1 is just the X and the I formed by the sun’s movement through the year, culminating at the spring equinox on March 21 and “anointing” the “mother earth” to signal “father” God to commence his inseminating Spring rains in order to produce “rebirth” and new life so that humans may survive another year. Refer to the prior post for much more detail.

Symbol 2 is an illustration of the same X dis-joined at the center, these two halves are then used to create various highly significant historical symbols.

Symbol 3 is again the splitting of the X and I symbol down the center, to demonstrate the results which end up parts of other symbols. We can see the two Ks there.

Symbol 4 is the familiar “X-men” logo, now you know where its from. This symbol is the depiction of the four cardinal points on the zodiac wheel. The same points depicted on flags such as the UK, Australia, Jamaica, and New Zealand, symbolize the cardinal, stable, and powerful nature of the authority of that nation. These symbols are mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 1 and according to Wikipedia:

In Christianity, the four living creatures are Cherubim. A prominent early interpretation has been to equate the four creatures as a tetramorph of the Four Evangelists where the lion represents Mark the Evangelist, the calf is Luke the Evangelist, the man is Matthew the Apostle, and the eagle symbolizes John the Evangelist.

This explanation could not be more patently absurd and I implore you not to fall for it. These beings are nothing more than the cardinal points of the zodiac, that being Leo, Scorpio (symbolized by the eagle at various points in time), Aquarius, and Taurus the bull. These symbols long predate all Testaments, and are clearly depicted in Egyptian and Sumerian writings dating back to 4000BCE; in no way is this imagery Christian but it has been usurped by Christians.

Symbol 5 is the view of an obelisk from above, and you will find this symbol used by many modern corporations, banks, and groups. An obelisk from above is also a pyramid from above, and an obelisk has a pyramid on top, called a pyramidion. The pyramid shape gets into the study of the Platonic solids, a fascinating topic we will not get into here. Pay attention when you see this symbol, for example Chase bank uses it as its company logo in a disguised fashion.

Symbol 6 depicts just a few of the letters we use in English derived directly from the X and I symbols created by the sun’s annual movements. In fact, and very reasonably so, every English letter can be found within symbols 4 and 10, here we can just look at a few examples for the most obvious ones. Incidentally all Roman numerals are derived from symbol 1, being the sun’s shadows against an obelisk.

Symbol 7 is the well known Masonic logo of the compass and square. This symbol is created by cutting the X in half and interlocking the halves together. This is very clearly derived from the obelisk and the sun’s annual movement. The compass and square are symbols of construction and other endeavors, they symbolize the generation of new life, birth/re-birth, and creation, as an intelligent designer in the form of flora and fauna each spring for our benefit, by what the Freemasons call the Great Architect (God).

Symbol 8 the so-called “Star of David” usurped by a certain cult, not unrelated to the secret society of Freemasonry, to symbolize an entire nation dreamt up from whole cloth and conquered by a people with no historical connection to it, used for the purposes of projecting domination and authority but again, without historical connection to that nation of any kind. David did not use any such stars, nor can he be proven to have even existed.

The symbol is created by extending two bars on top and bottom  of the Masonic symbol square and compass we looked at just previously. This symbol is far more ancient than the meaning we ascribe to it today; it can be found in India and ancient Babylon. We read from Wikipedia:

Six pointed stars have also been found in cosmological diagrams in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The reasons behind this symbol’s common appearance in Indic religions and the West are unknown. One possibility is that they have a common origin. The other possibility is that artists and religious people from several cultures independently created the hexagram shape, which is a relatively simple geometric design.

Well, perhaps the authors of the article don’t know its origins, but we now do. The sun’s movements were studied for ages before they were understood to be be regular, repetitive, and predictable. At some point, it was discovered that what occurs above with the sun and its travels through the zodiac wheel is reflected down here on the earth: when the sun is strong as in Leo or Cancer then the earth is filled with heat and life flourishes, and when the sun “dies” down into Sagittarius or Capricorn, the earth is cold, barren, and dark. There is more inside this concept because just as the earth, we as humans function along with the sun, sleeping when it is gone and awaking when it comes up, our moods better in the summer when there is more light, and more “blue” in the winter when the days are short; our circadian rhythms dictated by the motion of the sun. We derive nutrition from its rays, as does the Earth.

And therefore the hexagram, with an arrow pointing up and and an arrow pointing down symbolizes the age old concept of “as above so below”. It encompasses many tomes of learning we will not get into further.

Symbol 9 is an illustration of astrological symbolism at work in our own edifices, considering so many of the great ones were created by Freemasons, it is no wonder we see Egyptian symbolism and numerology throughout. All the above shapes, and more, can be clearly seen in the street designs of Washington DC and pyramid-based construction dominates many buildings in any given town, and certainly also include other esoteric solar Masonic symbology. This is not by accident. If you begin to pay attention at your local important buildings it is certain you will find similar esoteric construction symbolism near you.

The Washington monument is itself an obelisk, or sun dial, similar to what is located in Vatican’s St. Peter’s square (square being another masonic symbol and coincidentally just about every town has one), and London. We must understand that this Egyptian phallic symbol is a “magically charged” structure of sorts, the location of which marks a location of power and beneficial energy for the owner of the land. It is esoteric because the vast majority of any given population do not understand its true meaning or significance. It is the location where the “son” of God annoints the “mother” Earth so that rebirth and a new annual cycle may begin through God’s “insemination” of Earth by means of Spring rains.

Symbol 10 is our basic zodiac wheel, or the oldest symbol known to mankind, it can also symbolize the sun. It fits together with symbol 4 and by adding another section to each quadrant you will have the entire zodiac wheel.

Symbols 11 and 12 go together because here we see that Roman numerals were actually entirely derived directly from the obelisk sun dial shadows, and therefore, we see that the truth of its true esoteric function was widely known then, if not to the masses then to the scholars. The profound significance of the fact that a six thousand year old concept affects us even today is underscored when one realizes that the numbers stated above are “9” and “11”, not insignificant figures in our modern age of endless chaos. These numbers are obviously derived from the X and I of the sundial’s shadows cast by the motion of the earth around the sun. The two “Is” are due to the sun coming back to the center during the fall equinox creating a second “I”.

So, we see that this esoteric symbol of power, located in Washington DC, Vatican, and London, has within it clearly depicted the numbers that coincide with a date a great tragedy befell the United States. Is this a mere coincidence? Or can we conclude that these numbers are of obvious profound meaning to the initiated and were not selected randomly? And since the obelisk is clearly recognized to be a symbol of power by those who put them there, is the encoded numerology also symbolic of power and fortuitous undertakings for those who invoke their seething energies? You are free to draw your own conclusions.

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