Bundle of rods with axe in center

“Fascism” is a very broad topic, with numerous historical connotations, but for purposes of this blog we can take a shortcut and merely address the symbolic etymology of the word and begin to see this symbology around us in everyday life.

We will also point out the connections of this symbolism to modern day affairs. We should begin with the root of the word, which is “fas”, which means “divine law” in Latin, as opposed to “jus” or “ius” which means “man’s law”; there is no letter “J” in Latin.

As a premise of theological doctrine we must accept the idea that divine law always overrules man’s law. And only those divinely ordained to speak and act for this divinity and to give His laws unto man have the jurisdiction to say what “fas” is, and by consequence, what “ius” can and cannot be.


“Majesty of Law” depicted with fasces in carving at the Supreme Court; which law are we talking about?

We are all quite familiar with fascist symbolism, we associate it with Nazism and Mussolini for the most part, and consider them basically similar. However, the historical fact is that fascism long predates any other contemporary national governance movement.

The fasces were originally an Etruscan symbol adopted by the early Roman Republic, so we can clearly see that the symbol is at least two thousand years old. So what do the fasces symbolize by its use of an axe wrapped by a bundle of rods?

Generally, we are told that the axe was a symbol of state power over life and death, of the government with the power to conquer or to incorporate into itself, and the bundle of rods was the union of the people or provinces under the state’s rule, which was theoretically “unbreakable”, or much stronger than a single rod for that matter.

This is not necessarily false, but there is a much deeper understanding of the fasces than what we are generally given.

lady liberty

Lady Liberty with fasces wrapped by snake; the eagle was used by Rome to symbolize Zeus

An axe, in ancient times, as one of the first tools used by man, was the symbol for God; this was due to the extreme utility of this tool and weapon, and additionally, the double-headed axe originally used in the center of the fasces resembled the cross, the most ancient of symbols for the sun and the astrological wheel in ancient mystery schools around the middle east, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

This double headed axe may be related to the double headed eagle used by many nations throughout history, as well as the Freemasons, but this is only my conjecture. To illustrate, Laurence Austine Waddell, in The Makers of Civilization in Race and History, (1929), sheds some light on the significance of the axe:


“The Double-Axe sign for the God Zeus in Crete also occurs as a sign for the god ZAG in Sumerian. It is found in the inscription of Manis-Tusu’s grandfather; and it is obviously a fuller form of the diagrammatic axe-sign in Sumerian, which has the phonetic value of ZAG or SAG, and is defined as ‘axe, sceptre, two-edged sword.’ And significantly this axe-sign is a title in Sumerian of ‘The GREAT LORD’ (NAR-GAL), a martial reflex of the Father-God ZAGG, SAKH, or SAX, i.e., Zeus, who became latterly the ‘God of War’ in Babylonia; and Manis’ father SARGON worshiped the weapon of the God ZAGG as we have seen.”

Here’s more from The Secrets of Freemasonry: Revealing the Suppressed Tradition By Robert Lomas (2006):

The axe is a symbol of rule, particularly the double-headed axe, which retains the tau shape. This symbol goes back to the Neolithic, when a haft was split and bound, and the stone axe head passed through it, making a butterfly or tau shape. The stone axe can also be seen as a hammer, which is the symbol of Jupiter, Indra, Thor and the kings of the Pantheon. When bronze replaced stone the substitution of the double axe restored the ancient symbol. The stone war hammer retained the T-shape.

The axe or hammer has been a symbol of rule and authority among both men and gods since very early times. The axe, called Neter, was a symbol for God among the ancient Egyptians. It is also the symbol of Indra, who was a king of the gods in India. In Knossos there is a temple called the House of the Double Axe…


Lincoln Memorial, arms perched on fasces sans axe head.

Therefore, “fas” or “divine law” cannot be symbolized any clearer than by an axe which is a symbol for God since ancient times.

We can clearly deduce that the axe does not exactly mean the authority of the state, but it means the authority of the state acting UNDER the power of God. The symbol having been usurped by Rome, the intent is to create a clear link to the Vatican’s various historical claims of authority over the earth through its papal bulls.

It seems reasonable to conclude that the fasces has never been a political symbol but a religious one, linked first to the pagan religions of the Roman Republic/Empire, and then taken up by the Vatican, which is and has always been a pagan institution, and its ineluctable thirst for power over nations and kings.


Senate fasces

The bundle of rods symbolizes a coalition, a union, such as The United States, or the Soviet Union, or a coalition of nations which get together for a common purpose such as war, World War 2 Axis powers for example, or NATO.

Therefore, fascist rods on either side of the speaker’s podium, and in many other federal US institutions, in the American Senate make perfect sense. We should not wonder whether Mussolini knew of the symbolism of the axe and bundle of rods when he began to use that particular symbol, we should be convinced that he did, and that he was functioning under the express authority of the Vatican, as most certainly was Hitler, but that, and the rat lines is whole other story.


US Dime

Therefore, based on the above, when we hear about “fascism” this and that, and some politician or other being a “fascist”, or that fascism is actually rule by corporations or some kind of nefarious merger between private corporate entities and government, just remember what “fas” and the axe really mean, and that the use of the corporation was perfected in ancient Rome, along with its great body of corporate law descended to Britain and finally America.

The Vatican is a municipal corporation, as is London and Washington DC, and corporations have been behind the Vatican since the days of the Roman Republic. Rule by “government of the people” or “elections” or “choice” for that matter, whatever that may mean in any Republic, has always been a mere illusion here, and in the eyes of our rulers, the monarchs and the popes, independence and self-governance only leads to decentralization of power, and that’s a big no no. Fascism is necessary to unite people and nations UNDER GOD, or in this case the Vicar of God on earth.


George Washington in the rotunda with fasces

Fascism dominates Socialism, because Socialism is a lecherous ideology, it cannot innovate or survive on its own, as clearly demonstrated by a string of failed Socialist economies recently converting into some form of perverse managed capitalism.

Fascism’s power may be seen to have experienced the fastest increase, to speak in understatements, in the West since the founding of the European central banks hundreds of years ago, and the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Corporations have financed governments, been involved in conspiracies, assassinations, support of dictators, fomenting wars, conflict, genocide, slavery and revolutions. These entities have grown to massive international proportions, and may be found to have participated within every significant world event for hundreds of years, and likely much further back. Just recently they were declared to be “people” by America’s highest court.

Therefore, fascism and by extension, Divine Law, dominates the world, whether we want to admit it or not. This domination occurs through the use of fictitious entities, the corporations; and foment of controlled conflict to bring about “order out of chaos” (ordo ab chao).


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