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We are on the precipice of true change; a potential revolution conducted through the democratic system. The US Presidential election was not about left and right or republican vs. democrat, it was about globalism vs. nationalism. Undoubtedly the future of America is at stake, and the New World Order will certainly not go quietly into the night. Make no mistake Trump is Independent, and nobody’s puppet; much more than can be said for the current White House occupant who after receiving an unearned Nobel Peace Prize has propagated 8 years of non-stop war, death, genocide, and humanitarian crises.

Globalism is a euphemism for the New World Order, and it has specific and concrete aims for global change. We have seen many of these changes already manifesting in the world around us, some pleasant but mostly negative for Americans. Why are we being tossed around like ants in an ant farm for the benefit of our overlords’ agenda? Our wealth and opportunity being sucked out and our mis-‘leaders’ refuse to do anything about it, in fact actually appearing to aid the weakening of their own country.

Many books address this very topic, and this post is mainly a summation of the author’s critical thinking and analysis gleaned from years of extensive research. Events that have already occurred are factual, events yet to occur are conjecture based on research and reasoned theorization.


Historically, the New World Order was a new ruling power that had obtained dominant status in the world through force or other means and would pull all others in the direction of its choosing. Every historical conqueror and empire could be considered a New World Order, including the Mongol, Persian, Greek, Roman, and British empires. Adolph Hitler considered himself to be the first ruler of a new dynasty in its 3rd Reich New World Order. Today the old world order would be considered the British empire and the Vatican; the interrelated royal classes of Europe, and the Catholic hierarchy with its massive intelligence network behind the thrones.

The United States was founded as a New World Order, with the full intent by the founders that this new nation would lead the way, globally, to a new age of Republican government which obeyed the people, a great expansion of personal liberties, and freedom from the oppression by a religious tyranny. For further elucidation see “The Secret Destiny of America” by Manly P. Hall. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way, as the old world powers colluded and conspired to bring the States back under the control of the European money interests. The Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 were both anti-banking wars.

If one studies U.S. history one will quickly conclude that its entire existence has been the struggle against centralized banking control, which Europe finally acquired in entirety in 1913 with the Federal Reserve, and imposition of the income tax that same year. The Federal Reserve is in fact the third central U.S. bank, others having had temporary charters which were not renewed by previous presidents, and dire consequences always followed.

Let’s look at some of the goals of the ruling powers, of whom, the most powerful of which are foreign. The U.S. center for this ruling oligarchy would unquestionably be on Wall Street.

POPULATION CONTROL population control

All are advised to watch the many Henry Kissinger interviews he has given, to the extent one can stomach it. He would be a high level manager of the New World Order and its goals, and he does discuss them openly in front of crowds of elitist admirers and the Council on Foreign Relations. Point of fact, Hillary Clinton is very closely aligned with both Kissinger and the CFR, and there is plenty of information about their connections online. Kissinger is also long-time friends with Vladimir Putin. His claws seem to be dug in deep into many places around the world.

Kissinger frequently discusses population growth as an urgent problem (for the ruling oligarchy). It is clear and unequivocal from their writings and actions that they have little value for the average human life; they have sacrificed many millions and billions through the centuries to push their aims, and they continue to do so today waging wars of choice while financing and arming both sides of any given conflict. It is well known the U.S. arms and finances Arab “terrorists” through intermediaries and directly, and has done so for many decades.

Henry Kissinger Wars are a great way to reduce population and distract from the secretive goings-on in the various governments involved. It is also a good way to unify a nation toward a common goal. But by now they well understand that war is only a temporary solution, after the war is over human population explodes, therefore war should be permanent; ideally low intensity war. This way military industry could profit as well. Large casualties are instantly televised and sour America’s taste for war, therefore U.S. casualties must be kept to a minimum and receive negligible media coverage. At the same time the ‘enemy’ casualties must be maximized, ergo drone warfare is a staple in modern warfare.

Vaccines are certainly a known method of sterilization and disease dissemination. Research in this area was commences in Nazi Germany and then, of course, relocated to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip. We have many stories and leaks today of weaponized and genetically modified insects, such as mosquitoes. The Zika situation may possibly be an early attempt at sterilization efforts by the New World Order, unfortunately it appears to cause severe side effects in live births, when sterilization is unsuccessful.

Bill Gates and his foundation are major proponents of vaccines, and funnel billions into research and vaccination of various 3rd world nations, together with other ‘elites’. He has openly discussed his concerns with population growth, these statements are easy to find online. He is one of the more open New World Order proponents.

Destruction of the family and a social paradigm shift is an apparent plan to shift from large to small families and put hurdles between the genders even getting together to procreate. We now have a large male population abandoning marriage and family; a movement called Men Going Their Own Way, and a record number of women in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s who are single and unable to start families due to lack of suitable mates and their having dedicated most of their lives to their own careers under the guise of liberation and feminism. Perhaps they do not consciously depend on men to subsist at this point, but it is impossible to fool genetic and hormonal processes.

Most working couples have less children anyway. Increasing cost of living, through inflation, taxes, wage suppression, outsourcing, and other means, automatically reduces childbirth rates. Feminism is a great scourge to families and procreation, pitting men against women, and lauding female independence as the end-goal to achieving happiness. A selfish ideology intentionally implemented by the elites to create a larger tax base as well as an impediment to the natural formation of the family unit. Single parents are more prevalent than ever, allowing the state even greater authority in raising and indoctrinating children into their desired ideology.


New World Order economics is not too far off from that under a global socialist system: one small ruling class, a manager/enforcer class beneath that, and everyone else at the bottom. The middle class is universally loathed among the elites because in a capitalist system this strata retains control of the nation as intended by our Founders. Having hundreds of millions of people on government assistance or otherwise depending on government largesse is the ideal system because these people will always vote in their own interest to keep their handouts.

Very few born at the bottom are allowed to move up to the next strata; much like in the feudal or monarchical systems. Such would be persons of some particular exceptional talent or ability. The standard of living would be egalitarian for the masses, with none have more or less, and a government set salary for work performed would be set. Black markets flourish under such systems.


There is a possibility of a split in agendas among the ruling oligarchy, one of which seeks total domination of the masses through a ‘hard’ physical means such as police/surveillance and fear, and one which requires the mere pacification of them through various methods of mind control such as popular culture, food, entertainment, and controlled media. It appears that both are concurrently being implemented, with the ‘hard’ method being ramped up imperceptibly. The theory being that if the soft methods fail to contain the discontent of the masses, the hard method will be available as plan “B”. At this time the people have revolted with the prior Presidential U.S. election, and their plan A is threatened.


The New World Order requires freedom of travel of goods and people. Borders are intended to be eliminated eventually, through gradual merger of nations, regions, and continents. The intent behind this is to interweave all economies and make them dependent on one another so eventually, in their utopia, conflict can be eliminated.

Under this same banner of global government, the final solution includes the elimination of race (all will be a mixture of brown), religion (a force for division and conflict), and standardized language, which will be English with others incorporated within it.

Islam presents the greatest problem as it has the most fanatical adherents, so in this author’s opinion, other major religions will be merged into Islam, producing a new version, which we cannot know what this will be as yet, however a great conflict among the major religions is likely necessary to weaken them all sufficiently so merger may eventually occur.


The New World Order is seeking a merger of humanity with machines, a virtual implantation of consciousness to achieve eternal life. This we know from the writings of various “futurists”; as absurd as it sounds, eternal life is certainly an obsession for the oligarchy. They are very disconcerted that they must die and are unable take their wealth and power with them.

Ray KurzweilLife extension technologies are high on the agenda. This includes organ transplants, which are already common today. Brain transplants are being researched, so that a consciousness may be preserved by use of new bodies grown in labs, such as clones. Much sooner on the horizon, they are certainly seeking to use technology to extend life, such as use of artificial organs. Of course, the implantation of a human consciousness into a humanoid cyborg is the ultimate goal, still quite some time away, if it is at all possible.

Some “futurists” and “technocrats” may believe and may attempt to convince the populace that technology holds the key to everyone’s prosperity, wherein all will have the opportunity to thrive and experience the fullest potential of technological advancement in their daily lives so that all are equal in their enjoyment of it. This view rings hollow once we understand the prior actions of this same oligarchy; they always retain the most advanced and useful technology for their own use and only once that technology becomes nearly obsolete for their own use, do they share it with the masses and turn it into a profit driving product for one of their ready made big box corporations. This is readily seen with nearly all technology we have available to us today. Steve Jobs was a visionary futurist and an outlier from the above, in that he brought the newest and the best technology directly to the masses. He was an outsider and never accepted into the ruling elite due to this.

Hopefully this brief summary has been somewhat elucidating and feel free to leave your comments or disagreements below.




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