Few topics garner as much controversy as religion; particularly in contemporary events, when we already have a crusade-like “clash of civilizations” regional conflict with no end in sight. Here we will examine why religion in alternative media is so prominent. By alternative media I mean the largest “conspiracy” broadcasters, the ones with the most audience and largest bullhorn to spread their message. These shows are well known to us all.

A personal observation I have made regarding alternative “conspiracy” media is that it is almost entirely based on a Christian perspective, with hosts and guests regularly imploring the audience to embrace Christ in order to be “saved.”

satanic illuminati

Is it Satan or just an evil agenda?

In fact, a large proportion of conspiracy lore claims that the “Illuminati”, Freemasonry, Vatican, bankers, monarchs, corporate oligarchs, and globalists all worship Lucifer, the devil, Satan, and are guided and controlled by this entity, in a greater than figurative sense.

It is claimed, with regular frequency, on numerous shows, whether by guest or host, that the “Illuminati’s” power comes from this Satanic worship, due to the rituals and magic they perform which include public rituals such as concerts, movies, television shows, sporting events, political rallies, and private rituals such as human sacrifice, blood drinking, sexual debauchery, and child molestation/pedophilia.


Satan Paradise Lost

Without getting into this issue of rituals, propaganda, and mind control, which is certainly a topic of great interest which we have previously addressed, I will only address the potential reality of “Satan” being at the forefront of the New World Order or other ruling organizations, and why religion in the alternative media seems to be pushing this theme aggressively.

Although I hesitated getting into this area so soon after starting this blog, I believe I should be as forthright as possible, without pretense, distortion, or agenda. I do not believe in denial or self-delusion, and I put all my cards on the table, because “winning” to me, is not necessarily convincing anyone of anything or pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

But the truth certainly does NOT always prevail, nor do the “good guys”… And if you, my good human, have the courage of your convictions then you will not fear to tread down that road which is forbidden by tradition, by your “spiritual leader”, or by some ordained “holy” figure who claims direct communion of mind with the Source. You are stronger than accepting submission over reason, obedience over curiosity, and stagnation over enlightenment.

We are not children here, our spirit requires challenges to our consciousness; it longs to break free from that which keeps it grounded and bound in quicksand, for it is only through challenging ourselves that we elevate our degrees of awareness, enlighten our powers of reason, and defeat the automaton fatigue of unconscious, zombie-like existence.

My postulate here, is precisely the opposite to the one proposed above: it is the function and purpose of the three main religions “of the book” given to us by devious men, that allows our rulers to maintain their power and financial domination over us. Today, they have given us a new option: atheism; just as malignant, negative, and dogmatic. We ignore this one for now.

Satan and Lucifer as the source of all evil is the expression of the dualist false dichotomy system that has been imposed on humanity; it is a relatively new creation. The line of history easily followed is that ancient religions of the middle east and Africa were in fact shared with and bastardized by the conquering western powers, re-written, revised, and non-conforming writings hidden or destroyed, and the plan to create at least one new religion carried out with great skill and financial backing by the ruling families behind the Roman Empire.

Who is Lucifer?

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!Isaiah, 14:12

“Lucifer” in this quote is a 5th century Latin mistranslation of ancient Hebrew, which in fact referred to a Babylonian king, not to Satan or to the devil.

Lucifer is the “morning star” and “son of the morning”, because in Latin it means “light-bearer” otherwise known as (planet) Venus, this fact is not in dispute. The planet signals the coming of the Sun each morning for six months, rising first in early morning darkness and then disappearing when the sun appears, and then Venus signals the coming of the night for six months, rising after the Sun sets.

If Lucifer is Satan or the incarnation of evil, why then does Jesus refer to himself as the morning star?

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning starRevelation 22:16
And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.2 Peter 1:19

So clearly Jesus = Lucifer: two light-bearers. What light are we talking about? Is this a literal or allegorical “light”? Of interest is that the pentagram often associated with Lucifer is actually the shape that Venus creates through its movement over an eight year period.


Similar to the above painting? You decide.

Another parallel to this myth is that of Prometheus, another “light-bearer” from the Greek legends of a Titan who stole fire from the gods, rebelling against the Pantheon, and giving it to mankind. He was cast onto a mountain by Zeus to suffer in eternity.

We don’t accept these stories as fact, and yet they are very similar to subsequent stories that are venerated as divine and the “Word of God.”

We see the Prometheus story, which  predates the New Testament by hundreds of years, demonstrating suspiciously similar themes of rebellion against the established order, the giving to mankind of a gift: fire by Prometheus and knowledge of good and evil from Satan or snake (both are metaphors).

A curse in both situations: being cast out of Eden with original sin and the first “woman” Pandora and her release of all evil from her magic box. And finally, being cast out or down for eternal punishment which befalls mankind.

We should understand, the gift of “fire” or “light-bearing”is not to be taken literally; this concept is generally seen as equated with the forbidden fruit of knowledge by secret societies and various revolutionaries who claim to be devotees of “Lucifer”.

The Prometheus statue in front of 1 Rockefeller Plaza is much easier to accept for the masses than a depiction of Lucifer, but basically both represent the same ideas: esoteric knowledge that is only available to the select few initiated, and of course, the fire of revolution and all its implications.

On this point the book Fire in the Minds of Men is well worth a read, it is available in the Mandatory Reading section.

From the foregoing, we can deduce that Lucifer is the light-bearer, is the planet Venus, is the morning star, is Jesus, is Prometheus, all this through etymological and mythological analysis.

Where does “Satan” come from?

This term “Satan” apparently derives from ancient Hebrew text word “Shaytan”, referring to an “opposer, tempter of sin, accuser, deceiver, leader into sin, etc.” We can also trace this “opposer” to Egyptian mythology in Set, which is where a large portion of the religion of Judaism comes from, the brother and killer of Osiris and the bringer of the night. “Set” also appears etymologically connected to Saturn, the Roman name for the Greek god Chronos.

cronos saturn

Ancient Greek sculpture of Saturn, who was frequently depicted winged with scythe. Remind you of anyone?

This planet is astrologically important in that it is the opposer and “enemy” to the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, and is where the Sun is weakest during the winter. Therefore it rules the “underworld” or “hell” where nothing can grow and death is most powerful.

In addition, Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn (the goat) in the “old school” astrology, before telescopes. The association with “hell” is clear. More on Capricorn below.

Saturn has been frequently depicted with a scythe in ancient art, much like the grim reaper of later lore. Saturn figures prominently is Judaism, as does the Moon.

Satan became the embodiment of evil some time in the middle ages, and this “being” currently has many names and artistic renderings. This name for a fallen angel being first used well after 100AD. Early Christian Gnostic sects were highly opposed to this division:

It is blasphemy…to say that the greatest God…has an adversary who constrains his capacity to do good” and the Vatican version of Christianity “impiously divide(s) the kingdom of God, creating a rebellion in it, as if there were opposing factions within the divine, including one that is hostile to GodCelsus, critic of early Christianity

This being just one of the reasons the Vatican had those sects destroyed… Regardless, we are not doing a scholarly dissertation here. One only has to do a basic survey of ancient religions to understand that the concept of darkness vs. light is as old as human consciousness. The literal interpretations we ascribe to a being “Satan” or “Lucifer” is wholly asynchronistic with human history.

Goat of Mendes or Baphomet

As above so below: laws of the universe operate at the atomic level

One more topic to briefly cover is the “Baphomet”, which strikes such fear into the hearts of the “Saved.” The Goat of Mendes as it is also known, is nothing more than the goat of Capricorn, found at the very bottom center of the zodiac wheel, encompassing the period of Dec 21st-Jan 21st, and is the “hell” where the sun, otherwise known as “Jesus” must “descend” in order to “die” and rise again on Dec 25th.

“Baphomet” is a name created by occultist Eliphas Levy in the 19th century, it has nothing to do with any holy book of any religion. Incidentally, Levy was also the person who created the upside down pentagram and declared its association with “evil.”

The sign the goat is making, “as above so below” is purely astrological in nature, and proclaims that what happens among the stars and planets occurs on earth as well.

So, after this brief overview, we should get to the topic of the post: religion in alternative media. My view is that the trinity of the religions of the book are used to terrify and pacify the masses into compliance by the ruling powers of that religion so that ownership and control of their souls continues unabated and the system remains in tact.

The point is control and continuation of business, not salvation of souls. At the top all religions and dogmas are controlled at one source.

Many of us are likely familiar with the Zeitgeist and the pre-Christ savior mythology, Astrotheology, and perhaps even some of the ancient religions, but the point we miss is that our systems have been designed long before our birth.

We were born into the matrix, as were our families, and it is familiar and comfortable to us all; we are never given a chance to open our awareness by ANY official system in our lives. Therefore we subconsciously seek confirmation of what we already believe to be true, which is provided by those we deem to be honest and righteously on our side, the side of humanity at large and against the powers that be, the oppressors.

We know something is wrong, but have no idea what exactly. We are eventually led to alternative media which seems to provide a reasonable answer: the bankers, the secret societies, the oligarchs, the corporations, the Vatican, the non-governmental organizations, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., then we get into the supernatural: Satan and his demons and minions. 

And so we are again stuck into a box, and kept locked into a paradigm that allows no expansion. We are grounded and chained down.

When our popular alternative media figures extol the virtues of the already present control system that exists over and above all other systems, because it is the most ancient and most psychologically powerful within our collective unconscious, we become strengthened in our resolve to maintain the system as it is, and this is why nothing will ever change until the control-system trinity religions are thrown off en masse.

ancient babylon

Ancient Babylonian depiction of gods.

The truth is simple, as usual: the system maintains its power because the adherents want it to do so; support for religion has always been the number one priority of our ruling elite since ancient Babylon, and through the push of religion in alternative media which has such a strong following today due to the global chaos, the elites are able to further enhance their web of control and maintain the status quo.

Few true rebels are born today, with courage to challenge that with which they were indoctrinated from birth; and the bio-engineering programs set into effect today make this task even more difficult; our elites want compliance, not rebellion; only they are allowed to lionize Lucifer and Prometheus.

We must beware of the agenda being implemented by religion in the alternative media, because much of it is also controlled by privately owned companies, and the hosts answer to “somebody” for what they say on air. Money and religion form the base of the control system.

In my humble view, only when the triple façade of spirituality, the “Abrahamic religions”, having nothing to do with universal peace, elevation of consciousness, and pure love in any sense of those words at any time in its history, crumbles, will humanity finally be set free.


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