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In a recent post we briefly discussed the legends surrounding the Skull and Bones secret society based in Yale and its links to freemasonry, Germany, Templar Knights, Illuminati, and the occult. Our historical discussion herein will focus on the direct links we know of between the Brotherhood of Death and their actions throughout their respective careers, known to us because of a list of all members having been provided to the author of America’s Secret Establishment, Anthony Sutton. Here, we will connect the dots between Skull and Bones and the American educational system, medical system, and politics.

Daniel Coit Gilman and American Education

This individual may just be the person who has had the greatest effect on the schooling of children, or lack thereof, than any other human being in American history. His life’s goal was to create a brain washing system of indoctrination which would train obedient ants, as may be most useful to the whims and needs of the State.

Daniel Coit Gilman

After founding Skull and Bones secret society and incorporating it as The Russell Trust, mysteriously, and presumably not on merit alone, Gilman became president of the University of California system, where he was met with substantial opposition to his Bones-inspired plans to seize power, land, and money for the school and expand it in the mold of Yale, merging education with Hegelian statism as described above.

Shortly thereafter, again quite mysteriously he was unanimously selected, with at least one bonesman on the selection committee, to head up a brand new university and medical school named Johns Hopkins, in honor of the Baltimore merchant who left his fortune to this particular purpose.

Around this time a very substantial donation was made by the Rockefeller Foundation to the Johns Hopkins Medical School to develop its facilities with the express purpose of reorganizing medical education. The donation went directly to the dean of Johns Hopkins, a bonesman, Dr. William Welch. From there the American Medical Association was soon founded, and the break from naturapathy was completed. Current rates, or epidemics in all truth, of illness and disease speak for the results. Medicine is big business. Enormous.

Next, German psychology was planted at this school with a brand new department, first in the US, headed by Stanley G. Hall, and hired by Gilman irrespective of other candidates being more qualified than Hall. Coincidentally he had recently completed his studies under a German Hegelian experimental psychologist with familial Illuminati ties. More on this below.

As a cherry on top, Johns Hopkins also started its department of economics in this time frame, the chair awarded to Richard Eli, a PhD from the University of Heidelberg, with surprise surprise, a substantial Hegelian proclivity. His future students included none other than Woodrow Wilson, one of the most proactive liberal presidents in the concentration of federal power, and his mysterious confidante: Colonel Edward House. The Order has many direct and indirect agents carrying out its master plan.

G. Stanley Hall and American Psychology

The Order took over control of Yale University in the 1870’s at which point it used its substantial connections in politics to nefariously secure government grants and financing for new departments ahead of other schools and expand greatly. There have been dozens of bonesmen professors through the years at Yale, and certainly at other institutions. Most assuredly, Hegel’s statism dominates.

Other members attempted to institute and popularize the “look-say” reading method developed for the deaf, it did not teach letters but the recognition of words. This was the beginning of The Order’s intervention in education which attempts to make students obedient and capable drones, but incapable of critical reasoning. The “look-say” method was abandoned in the states where it was attempted, however, this does not mean that The Order’s attempts to meddle in education ceased, their next major success came with the establishment of the German school of psychology developed by Wilhelm Wundt, and brought to the States by G. Stanley Hall.

As president at Johns Hopkins, Daniel Gilman quickly appointed Hall to head the brand new department of psychology with a large budget, regardless of the fact that other candidates had substantial seniority on Hall. Even Hall was confused as to why he was hired into a position for which he was hardly qualified:

Why the appointment for which all of them had been considered fell to me I was never able to understand unless it was because my stand point was thought to be a little more accordant with the ideals which then prevailed there.

But then this is how The Order functions; at any one time they have unwitting agents, highly educated and possibly decent individuals, emplaced into positions of power so as to propagate their own overall agenda. These people owe the entirety of their success to their benefactors and will continue to be loyal perpetually. So Hall taught Wundt’s model of the human mind at JH, and his students went on to found over 100 other departments of psychology around the United States. In all, Wundt’s students founded over 1000 schools in America, all teaching the same “science”.

Although not a bonesman himself, Hall was directly financed by a wealthy member to study in Germany under a number of Hegelians, including Wilhelm Wundt, the founder of what we term modern experimental psychology, who applied Hegel’s statist philosophy to the study of psychology. Hall became the first of a dozen Americans to receive a PhD from Wundt in Psychology that year, a then completely new field. Illuminati documents revealed that Windt’s grandfather, a professor, was indeed a member of that organization under the name “Raphael” in the 1780’s. This may indicate Wundt himself was at the very least a successor in philosophy, if not a full player.

According to Wundt, humans are a mere summation of their experiences and the stimuli that bears on them throughout life, making them empty vessels in need of that stimuli, direction and guidance, preferably by the State, of course to its own benefit. From Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment we read:

The core of our problem is that Wundt’s work was based on Hegelian philosophical theory and reflected the Hegelian view of the individual as a valueless cog in the State, a view expanded by Wundt to include man as nothing more than an animal influenced solely by daily experiences. This Wundtian view of the world was brought back from Leipzig to the United States by G. Stanley Hall and other Americans and went through what is known among psychologists as “The Americanization of Wundt.”

Wundt trained hundreds of PhD’s in Germany, who in turn returned to their own schools to found their own psychology departments and train more teachers in the Hegelian mold, knowingly or not. This information can help us understand why the “science” of psychology is the mess that it has become; with normal behavior being increasingly pathologized and unproven psychoactive drugs being used to change a given brain’s structure to lead to potentially catastrophic results such as in many cases suicide and violence against others.

If anything, the incidence of mental illness seems to have increased the more the “science” of psychology has attempted to treat it and normalize human behavior through chemical treatment. This state of affairs was also powerfully contributed to by Dr. Sigmund Freud, a Freemason in his own right, with substantial links to more powerful forces, and leaving us a lasting mark through the business field of advertising. If psychology reduces humans to programmable automatons to be manipulated as desired, we should not be surprised at the current dire state of mental well-being within many western societies, where anger, hate, greed, jealousy, and other negative emotions appear to dominate culture, and finances play a major role in individual happiness or lack thereof.

Manipulation of such a mysterious mechanism as the human mind is far less understood than we have been led to believe, and many previous modalities of psychiatric treatments have failed and been discarded, today only psychotherapy, from psychology, and drug treatments, from psychiatry, remain. Research on neural stimulation of areas in the brain has certainly been ongoing for a long time, but we simply do not know the stage of progress such research has achieved, with its current usage being generally unknown or top secret due to weaponization potential

Many scholars, psychiatrists, and psychologists will readily admit that their fields are in many ways a pseudoscience, aside from some fundamental biological and structural discoveries of neurological function, we have little to show from this ‘science’ as a healing modality, besides disfigurement of the collective and individual mind. But The Order set itself on control of human behavior early on, and to achieve this, understanding first needs to be achieved. To this first extent they seem to have been successful, although in the treatment of mental disorders, they have generally not fared as well. Here is a summary:

Wilhelm Wundt

It should be noted that Columbia University Teacher’s College and the Universtiy of Chicago have had an enormous effect on American education through John Dewey, another significant graduate of Johns Hopkins, who was instrumental in developing the modern educational theory and fanning it out nationwide through these organizations. A committed Hegelian, he strongly believed that the student exists for the benefit of the State. Regarding modern education and its progenitors, Anthony Sutton said it best:

They appear to be preparing children for a political objective which also happens to be the objective of The Order. The emphasis is on global living, preparing for a global society. It is apparently of no concern to the educational establishment that children can’t read, can’t write, and can’t do elementary mathematics…but they are going to be ready for the Brave New World.

Summary of The Orders educational accomplishments Summary of Skull & Skull and Bones’ educational accomplishments

Bonesmen have been behind the creation of the American Historical, Psychological, and Economic Associations, therefore we are to presume that substantial influence is effectuated by The Order on the paradigms these entities disseminate. These associations are the gatekeepers of educational pedagogy and the police of dissent from their accepted orthodoxy.

The founders of these groups were hand picked by The Order specifically because they had associations with Hegelianism. After the presidents of these associations moved on, they chose their successors, certainly those aligned with their own philosophies, and after moving on to other schools they continued to influence many other institutions in potential perpetuity.


The above has been a very brief summary of the many connections between The Order of Skull & Bones and the many important positions of power into which its members have been emplaced. We can see some of the strands of the massive spider web woven by whomever controls this organization from high above. They have affected our minds, our beliefs, our health, our economy, and our wars; and they have profited immeasurably from each one of these. Let’s remember that the strands discussed here and otherwise known publicly, are just a fraction of the actions accomplished by this organization and other similar secret organizations that have transpired.

The next post will conclude this series with a discussion of how Skull and Bones have financed both Communism and Nazism, as well as the so called Cold War conflict between East and West, directly and indirectly. Based on the totality of information available to us regarding such nefarious activities, we can conclude to a certainty that Americans have been manipulated into wars, conflicts, engagements, and expeditions for at least 100 years, and likely far longer.


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