This post covering the nefarious and odious Skull and Bones secret cabal will mainly be a summary and discussion of the information contained in America’s Secret Establishment by Anthony Sutton, a former economics professor and Hoover institute fellow, now deceased.

A sentence from the author’s preface reads:

These volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can’t read; why the Churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie and a hundred other whys.

Also known as The Order, Chapter 322, and Brotherhood of Death, the power of this secret organization cannot be overstated; they have 500-800 active members at any one time operating around the globe in furtherance of someone’s esoteric as well as financially motivated interests. Formed in 1833 at Yale, a Puritan stronghold, it is the main of three secret societies on campus, Wolf’s Head and Scroll and Key are the others, from which the Eastern establishment has been directly fed. S&B was incorporated as the Russell Trust in 1856 by one of its founders William Huntington Russell, and is currently managed by Brown Brothers Harriman. The other founder was Alphonso Taft, the father of President William Taft.

There are many opinions as to the truth behind its formation; some claim it is a chapter of another German secret society, some claim it is a Vatican-run outfit, some claim Masonic affiliations, Satanic cult frequently comes into the discussion… We can only guess at the likely origins, and chances are good even some of the members do not know the facts.

The numbers 322, with which the S&B logo is adorned, may likewise symbolize one or more of the following: a chapter number of a greater, controlling secret society with many other chapters (Illuminati), a number related to Alexander’s (of Macedon) or Demosthenes’ deaths, the degree of the star Merak in the Big Dipper, which sailors or actually the crusading Templar Knights used to navigate their way to America long before Columbus (such exploration is highly probable to have been very real and you are strongly advised to research Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where some Templars probably escaped after their persecution in 1309).

Hence Skull and Bones may reasonably be considered a chapter of a German Knights Templar society, which may or may not be an “Illuminati” subsidiary, and there is significant evidence for this view. The “322” Merak interpretation as stated appears a likely possibility, as Templars were known for their sailing and navigational acumen. They also certainly picked up occult knowledge from their time in the Middle East, meaning astrological as well as astronomical, and Merak is an Arabic name. Incidentally, there is a theory which states the name “America”, in fact, comes from Merak, and not some map maker as the lore of fictional history has beaten into us since childhood.

Furthermore, we have the claimed direct Masonic lineage connection with the KT as the forerunners of Freemasonry, along with the Rosicrucians, and the forebearers of its occult ancient mystery school knowledge; there are a few degrees related to the Templars within Masonry. The changing of an initiate’s name to begin with “Knight” upon initiation into The Order is another telling factor as far as drawing reasonable conclusions is concerned.

The actual “skull” and “bones” symbols were in fact Catholic symbols during the Middle Ages in that the Vatican buried its dead with their arms crossed below their heads to symbolize martyrdom. This symbol next appears to have been usurped by pirates on the high seas, which some suspect is what became of some of the persecuted Templars. Having adopted the Vatican’s symbol as their own to unequivocally proclaim their martyrdom as a result of being betrayed by the very entity they had sworn to serve until death and which should have protected them, they redesigned the logo so that the arm bones became femur bones, perhaps because of the torture inflicted upon their clan’s feet and legs during their “trials”.

We of course know that the skull and bones “death’s head” were used by the Nazis on SS uniforms; the symbol always retaining its meaning to show martyrdom for the ruling masters, perhaps being the Vatican or more likely someone behind the Vatican pulling the strings.

Skull and bones SS hat

Furthermore, we have powerful connections linking Skull and Bones to Germany since its inception (its founder spent a year there under the guidance of a powerful scion who himself was involved in an occult organization at the time), and eventually we will find a strong link between Skull and Bones and the Nazis.

Bavaria was the founding location of an important branch of the Illuminati on May Day 1776 with its stated intention of toppling monarchical governments and all religion. While all European royalty had been closely related for centuries, The German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan bred their way into many European monarchies right around the time of the formation of Skull and Bones and just a few decades after the creation of the Illuminati. Coincidence? Perhaps. By this time the Templars had centuries to go underground and use their massive wealth to accumulate power and merge into other secretive organizations.

In addition to the confusion of S&B origins, we have differing opinions as to who the Illuminati actually were, whether they were a false-flag organization set up by the Jesuits or truly revolutionaries who infiltrated Freemasonry with another power behind them (Templar Knights?), “illuminizing” it throughout Europe with their seething anti-despotic energies. I tend to go with the latter view, considering the sheer number of significant revolutions this planet has since experienced, which have not appeared to have been beneficial to monarchies or religious establishments. Although we surely must acknowledge that we do not, at this time, know who runs Skull and Bones, but someone certainly does manage it, beyond those whose names we have.

The writer’s own view is that considering the rituals we know of that initiates partake of to become members of S&B, their renaming upon initiation to be called “Knight so-and-so”, and likewise considering the positions into which the members are thereafter placed and actions we know they have taken, and also the inculcation of self-sacrifice and loyalty for the good of The Order during their membership year, I would venture that Skull and Bones the fraternity is a quasi-Masonic, ritual-based training/indoctrination ground for what we might consider the ruling elite of this nation while its own controlling entity considers them loyal servants, gofers, errand boys, and mid-level managers, from their own perspective.

They are given silly rituals, codes, esoteric names, and engage in childish occult games so that they come to believe they are special, selected of their own merit, and deserve their elite status among the peasants they work above, while in fact they are nothing of the sort, they are not smarter or more able, but were merely members of the “lucky sperm” club.

And although notable intellectuals have certainly been members, for the most part, a few dozen blood lines dominate The Order, they and others selected for membership are to be placed in important positions of power in order to progress the New World Order agenda along with members of other similar secretive organizations such as the CFR and dozens of other NGOs, where they are now entrenched.

Graduates are clearly put into a subservient position beneath some greater controlling power originating elsewhere (Europe most likely). They are trained to obey that power and have done so unflinchingly and nearly without fail. Their particular individual ideological/political bents are of no concern; Hegelians have room for all.

Sparse information is available on this society since members are sworn to total secrecy, however, two published articles have been written on it, one after a break-in into its headquarters, where nothing of substantial value was turned up, not surprisingly. The other article was generally opposed to its overall secrecy.

Fortunately Mr. Sutton received the entire membership lists back to S&B’s inception from a secret donor, who turned out to be Charlotte Iserbyt, the daughter of a powerful S&B scion. Having the top secret membership lists, which grows by 15 members each year (and sometimes the members are so secret they are even omitted from the secret rolls given to members) allows us to reconstruct the historical actions of these individuals so as to attempt to grasp the overall agenda, which Mr. Sutton does in this work.

We know that S&B has infiltrated many of the most significant research, policy, media, government, business, law and think tank organizations. Their actions have, to a very substantial extent, determined the general direction of US society, culture, and economic status.

Their general modus operandi has mainly been comprised of the Hegelian dialectic, which is really borrowed from Fichte and Kant, again German involvement here. This ideology, and you are advised to research it further, dictates that the will of the State is supreme above that of the individual; “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” as Spock would say.

The dialectic supposes a thesis, an idea, process, or concept, then the formation of its opposite, the anti-thesis, and a conflict of the two, which would eventually create a merger, or synthesis, of the two diametrically opposed concepts, without necessarily determining a single winner. We have right-wing (leading to Hitler) and left-wing (leading to Bolsheviks) Hegelians.

A few examples of the dialectic at work include: Communism and Capitalism, Freedom (the West) and tyranny (Nazism), Christianity and Islam, Republicans and Democrats, men and women, gay and straight, black and white, rich and poor, etc. Certainly the list is nearly endless. The Hegelian Dialectic may also fairly be termed the “divide and conquer” strategy, dating back to ancient Rome and even Hellenistic Greece.

Generally, whatever the synthesis ends up being, usually means obscene profits for the ruling elite i.e. Wall Street. So we can see that historically, the agenda is progressed through control of both sides of any significant conflict, ala Bush and Kerry seemingly in conflict for the Presidency, or Averell Harriman, the bonesman Democratic party figurehead, and William F. Buckley, the supposed stalwart of the conservative movement, also a bonesman.

They maneuver their people into both sides of any important conflict so as to manage it and yet move their agenda forward, they call this “managed” or “controlled chaos”, which perfectly falls in line with the Masonic motto of “Ordo ab Chao” or “order out of chaos”, so we can surmise that Masonry is at work within Skull and Bones as well, and Masonry did become merged with the Templars prior to their formal organization in Great Britain. Pay attention anytime a member of the elite mentions chaos, chances are it was artificially stimulated.

Is it illuminized Masonry at work within S&B, such as was espoused by Adam Weishaupt, or the enlightenment Masonry, as was propounded by the founding fathers who drafted the Constitution? The facts point to the former. We merely need to consider the actions of the bonesmen we know of which clearly contravene the philosophies advanced by the Masons who founded America, such as avoiding foreign wars and entangling alliances with other nations. They were even against a standing army.

Having covered the general outline of this hideous and pompous organization, its ideology, and some of its main “accomplishments”, our next post will get into the specifics of how they have been tied in with the Bolsheviks, Nazis, South American policy (including genocide), Cold War, Vietnam, the Rockefellers, education, the allopathic medical system, and many other important topics.


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