pope masonic handshake

Clearly Masonic handshake by Pope Paul VI

So was Gelli where the “buck stopped”? Or was there a higher power pulling the strings from some distant perch? If we consider that this was only a single lodge that was involved in corruption on a mass scale, in a nation where corruption was endemic and utterly inherent within the system to its very core, and exposure was finally effectuated because of the brazen schemes that P2 Masonic Lodge was carrying out in league with so many various players such as the Vatican, CIA, Nazis, and world organized underground crime syndicates.

It stands to reason in my view that the P2 Masonic Lodge scandals were a mere thread that stuck out from the massive ball of criminal activity, and was cut off quickly with just a few people having to fall on their sword, and even those were never seriously punished in spite of being found guilty of numerous criminal acts.

What can we deduce from the thousands of P2 operators and the contacts they had and continue to have around the world, with associates and with other secret organization members who may be involved in the same or similar activity? Well, what significant financial/criminal scandals has our stalwart media uncovered recently?

Mostly through alternative and whistle-blower sources we have been able to obtain unquestionably valid information regarding banking conspiracies, such as Libor and money laundering for decades. Political conspiracies have come to light such as various coup de tats around the world, involvement in genocide and torture, Iran Contra, “let it happen” or “made it happen” false flags created to justify many military invasions (sinking of Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin), most involving CIA, which we have learned have been carrying out operations such as Northwoods (proposed), Mockingbird, MK Ultra, Gladio, Artichoke, Phoenix, and the drug and gun running…

Can the financial collapse of 2008 have anything to do with any of the players involved or networked through P2 Masonic Lodge? One of their members, Silvio Berlusconi, became a billionaire and Prime Minister subsequent to joining the lodge. His Wiki page has one sentence about his membership in Masonry, and states that the funds for his initial investments made in his media empire came from an unknown source. We can only surmise…

media consolidationHow much of our media is owned by such men as Rupert Murdock, Ted Turner, and Michael Bloomberg? Scour though I did, I cannot find any specifics as to how they manifested their fortunes and vast media holdings. It seems each one went from zero to media mogul within just a few years. None seem to have the business acumen or genius to have build such empires of their own talents and without substantial aid from “other” sources. Media has, in fact, been centralized for the most part, around the world. Something to think about.

Licio Gelli has given at least one interview where he states how happy he is that Berlusconi is implementing his Plan for Democratic Rebirth, on which he claimed he should have a copyright. We don’t have the full text of that document, but we have the general aims of the Plan, which calls for a basically fascist government, similar to Mussolini’s, end to labor unions, and persecution of Communists, among likely many others.

Can we reasonably see how such a plan can simultaneously be implemented within the United States through a web of occult operators belonging to various organizations yet working in concert while unknowingly being governed by a cohesive singular authority? Few of us can debate the incredible power corporate entities wield upon our governing bodies at all levels; the very definition of fascism. Research has clearly traced ownership of the entirety of the world’s major corporations, tens of thousands, to 147 companies:

The above is a fascinating article; highly recommended. But apparently, it appears that in actuality only four companies control the vast amount of the world’s wealth, and we have no clue who truly controls them:

My view is that the constant drum beat of a Communist infiltration of western nations conspiracy, and the vehement anti-Communism displayed by various demagogues are a red herring to drive nationalist tendencies and balkanization, because after all, all the named parties including Gelli, Calvi, Vatican, CIA, and organized criminal syndicates, etc., have done extensive business with Communists and their governments.

Not to claim that no infiltration has occurred, but they were always there anyway. Spy games are just that, and mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Licio Gelli

Licio Gelli seems happy these days

Berlusconi’s best man was leader of Italy’s Socialist Party; that’s a best man at a billionaire’s wedding, one who ostensibly claims to be a vehement anti-Communist and has been an outspoken opponent of Communism. He in fact belonged to a fascist secret society: P2 Masonic Lodge.

We need to understand the concept of Hegelian dialectics: out of conflict and opposition, progress can be created and guided. None of the high level “fascists” or “Communists” are truly ideologically pure; they are in it for power and money and will do whatever it takes to hold on to both.

If that can be accomplished by helping and supporting Communists then so be it. But as will be addressed in future posts, it is well documented that Communism is a creation of the world elite and the ultra wealthy for a variety of reasons, and it stands to reason that individuals so high on the world elite totem pole would be well aware that fascism, Communism, or any form of totalitarianism, are unquestionably one and the same at the core and are not on opposite sides of the political spectrum at all, but are in fact close relatives, all leading to the same end result.

This is undoubtedly by design with the intended purpose being that the wealthy always win, no matter who is in power; fascist Bush or Reagan or Communist Obama or Clinton.

masonic symbols on church

Catholicism and Masonry

The way I see it, is that P2 Masonic Lodge and the Vatican strayed so far outside the “law” as we might think of it, that the government had no choice but to crack down on the perpetrators. They drew too much attention and could no longer be ignored.

In America, our financial institutions write the laws for the most part, with a few “burdensome” provisions which appear to protect the public but in reality are carefully strategized methods of preventing competition, and therefore their teams of lawyers and accountants are able to keep their activities generally to the letter and spirit of those laws. All business expenses are deductible anyhow.

The main parties acting for the Vatican, due to the Lateran Treaty, which established it as a separate, independent entity from Italy and its laws, simply wouldn’t have cared if their nefarious activity was discovered or not, since there was little the Italian government could do, so long as the parties wanted for trial would not set foot on Italian soil. The justice process is easily corruptible in Italy, anyhow. Much like any other nation’s.

In the United States, the elite are able to follow the laws so well, that once their entirely LEGAL machinations caused mass financial collapse, they are able to convince the public that they should obtain tax payer funding to restore their credibility and save their institutions based on the THREAT of economic disaster.

Bush and Masons

Bush and Freemasons in Texas

Remember when Obama claimed that he would re-assess the propriety of any bailout to which his predecessor Bush agreed? He never actually stood in the way in the least, and actually permitted a larger bailout than Bush had agreed to initially.




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