In 1981, while investigating a mafia controlled bank, its money laundering activities and another nefarious individual by the name of Michele Sindona, Italian investigators raided Gelli’s home and found a list of almost 1000 members of the P2 Masonic Lodge, whose positions ranged from business to finance to military to religious. It was a veritable state within a state.

silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, future indicted prime minister and media magnate, was on the list. In 1982 more documents were found in a false bottom of a suitcase carried by Gelli’s daughter at an airport. These documents were titled “Plan of Democratic Rebirth” and “Memorandum on the Italian Situation.” The plans listed Italian and world Communism as primary enemies and plans were drawn on how to deal with them.

The documents advocated a highly authoritarian form of fascist government, a quasi-democracy with a focus on elimination of Communism:

..political parties, newspapers and trade unions can be the objects of possible solicitations which could take the form of economic-financial maneuvers. The availability of sums not exceeding 30 to 40 billion lire would seem sufficient to allow carefully chosen men, acting in good faith, to conquer key positions necessary for overall control.Plan of Democratic Rebirth

One of the methods used to implement this agenda was taking over a struggling newspaper, with funds directly from Vatican Bank, firing its then editorial staff and taking the paper toward the right-wing political bent. Various members of P2 were put in charge of running it. An interview was done by a P2 member correspondent with Gelli, wherein Gelli proclaimed he would like to see the Italian Constitution re-written to comport with a nationalist ideology with a strong executive branch.

This appears to be a first step in the overall plan to control media, as implemented using Berlusconi later. Other media moguls come to mind: Murdoch, Turner, etc… How did these men become magnates in a diverse and extremely expensive industry? No one knows the truth, but someone was always standing behind them and guiding the centralization of control through the right channels and over various obstacles, such as government regulators and consumer rights groups.

P2 Masonic Lodge was at the center of the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, and the death of its president Banco Ambrosiano“God’s banker” Roberto Calvi in 1982. Initially ruled a suicide but eventually prosecuted as murder, the general consensus is that some of the funds went to P2 members.

It would certainly be beyond the pale of any sane and highly competent individual to plunder funds belonging to the mafia and expect to get away with it, therefore it stands to reason that Calvi was privy to the theft of mob money by P2 members and perhaps Vatican officials, for a prolonged period of time, and was a loose link which had to be cut out of the chain.

Roberto Calvi

Roberto Calvi found hanging from Black Friar’s Bridge day after his secretary committed “suicide”.

We know that banks charge criminal organizations a large percentage to wash their dirty money, and this is how large profits are had for banks; perhaps this was the method that mob money was made to disappear, as the bank was eventually found to have a $1.2 billion gap in its accounting books, $250 of which was the Vatican’s, and the Vatican was the largest owner of the bank, which was being run by P2.

The bank was returning mob money slower than it was accepting it in a sort of a Ponzi scheme, but this is only conjecture. Laundered mafia funds which were obtained through cooperation with CIA (drug/gun trade; post on this coming soon); so there you go, all parties tied together.

Gelli used his close ties to various international power brokers to secure deals that would net him massive profits as well as serve his political aims. He brokered oil and arms deals in the 1970’s between Gaddafi’s Libya, Italy and Argentina. He was instrumental in providing particular French anti-aircraft missiles to Argentina during the Falkland’s war, through the Agency for Economic Development, which he controlled.

Gelli’s swan song and greatest “accomplishment” during the Cold War was his involvement in Operation Gladio also called the Strategy of Tension, which was sponsored by CIA and MI6. This will be an important topic of discussion in this blog because it appears that this strategy is once again in play against Americans with Islam taking on the role of the Communists.

P2 Masonic Lodge was supposedly a fascist organization, and its powerful and far-reaching network worked closely with the overseers of the stay-behind guerrillas who were to be used as saboteurs in case of a Russian invasion, which was impossible due to the Soviet Union having been bankrupt the entirety of its existence and entirely relying on western support.

The west gave every technological advantage to the Russians they could to make them appear as a credible threat, and the Soviets poured every ruble they had into their poorly maintained military, which was always many years behind the west.

Gelli was well aware of this and very likely had conduits to Reinhard Gehlen and his network of German spies in east and west Germany. They were all well aware that the Soviet Union was never a credible threat, and launching nukes was always unrealistic for both sides, yet billions were spent on the missile program because of the artificial fear created by those who understood the Hegelian dialectic.

A report by the Italian government concluded that: “P2 was not just an abnormal outgrowth from an essentially healthy system, as upheld by the majority report, but an inherent part of the system itself.”

licio gelli mason

Licio Gelli

Eventually, after being expelled from Masonry in 1981, Gelli became a fugitive, with alternating periods of being on the run and in captivity in one country or another. Being tried and sentenced in absentia for terrorist activity, money laundering, financial charges related to collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, subversive association, divulging state secrets, and impeding various investigations.

After being sentenced to 12 years for financial fraud, he again escaped, and was again apprehended. It is unclear how much time he served in prison if any, or he was only confined to house arrest. He has given interviews through the years praising Silvio Berlesconi and stating that he was implementing his own originally stated P2 agenda: The Plan for Democratic Rebirth. He is currently serving out his numerous sentences from his comfortable villa in Tuscany, it is unclear if he served any jail time for his crimes.

The above is merely a brief summary of the nefarious dealings of this “black” lodge, which masonic_emblem_chartwas exposed and dealt with by the Italian government, which is itself highly compromised. To the known facts we must add our power of reason and deduction in order to divine the relevance of these events to the world at large, to how the P2 Masonic Lodge model has been replicated in other nations, and how the P2 members’ web stretches across the globe to other secret organizations, as well as, of course, how these individuals, functioning independently with a common goal, are affecting our present way of life.

Of course the issue of whether or not someone was above this P2 Masonic Lodge dictating Licio Gelli’s and other members’ actions is of paramount import.

Usually, when a scandal breaks and people are needed to be held accountable, a publish shaming is initiated through a major media spectacle hullaballoo. Speeches are given, promises for justice are made, interviews, outrage, articles etc, etc. Ultimately a mid-level “fall guy” is provided to placate the masses.

This person supposedly is made to pay the piper and takes much of the blame, this is partof the code of sacrifice for the greater good of the organization. However, usually it occurs that this person is given a minimal sentence, and eventually may be able to re-establish his or her career.

Sometimes this individual will be pardoned outright, find God, or become an outspoken crusader and public figure as an outspoken opponent of those who are deemed to be perpetrating similar wrongs.

lodge roomI would like to make it clear at this point, that Masonry is not inherently good or evil, it is merely a conduit for the Masons who comprise its membership. A Mason can be a follower of light or dark, his status as a member is irrelevant. Freemasonry had always been used by some power or another to conduct its own agenda, just as other secret societies had been fully or partially in the grip of some higher power. P2 Masonic Lodge and other black lodges which surely exist, are staffed by people who are ready willing and able to advance their specific agenda through any means necessary, and destroy lives as well as sacrifice their own, in the process.

And through the ages, their priesthood predecessors in possession of the mysteries had also been subservient to the powers under which they operated, and much of the time they were not aware of who those powers truly were, or the short or long term goals those powers envisioned.


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