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Double-headed Eagle

Masonic Double-headed Eagle Descended from Rome implies that they are the left and right wing, and can see far in both directions. The dagger likewise has a meaning.

Freemasonry will be a frequent topic of this blog. Its impact upon our civilization cannot be overstated or truly comprehended. Nearly every town in America has a Masonic Lodge, which implies that they were instrumental in the formation and building of nearly every city in the country. Not many towns have a lodge like the P2 Masonic lodge, however.

A basic survey of any town you may visit, large or small, will easily discover a wade variety of buildings bearing some form of masonic symbols or architecture or both. Masons love to code their works with their ritual symbols on them into structures, streets, brands, and all types of goods.

The history of Freemasonry is easy enough to come by online through a wide variety of sources; although certainly it is very murky at its beginnings. Masonic lodges were originally actual stone mason guilds operating mostly under the ruler of that particular nation and their existence dates back to Roman times and the discovery of concrete.

During these times it is unclear whether they practiced esoteric mysteries or had certain occult knowledge, although it is absolutely possible since they were in charge of building holy shrines and edifices since the glories of ancient Egypt, and were indeed a secret society bearing the secrets of the “mysteries”.

For example, the various papal Knighthood organizations such as the Templars and Hospitallers could be (and are) considered “Masons,” since they were the architects of a great deal of construction around Europe and Middle East.

Various specific references to the “mysteries” of Masonry can be dated to the 15th century. FreemasonryEventually, about the 17th century Masonic guilds began to allow non-operative masons, that is those who were not laborers, to join, and “masonry” became FREEmasonry.

Eventually, the lodges became for the most part speculative, albeit some actual builders remaining as members, but for the most part it became wealthy individuals who wanted to belong to an exclusive secret club as a status symbol.

Masonic philosophy traces its origins in an unbroken line back to Egypt, through the various mystery schools, priesthoods, and religions, the Gnostics, the Israelites, various middle eastern sects, through the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, and generally every esoteric, occult movement, religion or philosophy seems to have some connection to Freemasonry, in fact or in lore.

At its heart, Freemasonry is Hermetic, Khemetic, and Kabbalistic, which all derives from Egypt. They practice the Hermetic arts of alchemy, numerology, and astrology; which appears to be their secret religion, and which they always deny. Additionally, the upper degrees well understand the power of ritual magic, which we witness every day through various mass public events.

This synopsis barely scratches the surface of Masonic lore; hundreds of Masonic texts exist and many great teachers have recorded their teachings, without having to belong to this organization. Having studied Masonry at length, so far as I can deduce, there are numerous branches of Masonry encompassing the scope of human endeavors and traits. Rarely do the lower degree initiates know the true nature of Masonry or what is revealed at the highest levels.The P2 Masonic Lodge became synonymous with corruption, greed, treachery, and murder.

masonic lodgeMuch of what is taught at the bottom degrees is false and intended to indoctrinate the initiate gradually, making him psychologically dependent on the hierarchy of the system, and always leave him wanting more. Masons are always immediately sworn to very impressive oaths of secrecy, and rarely discuss their participation in their lodges with anyone, including their families. Some have been assassinated by Masons for revealing “sacred” secrets; Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, and Capt. William Morgan come to mind.

It appears that each lodge functions independently, but generally it is governed under the rules of a Grand Lodge, and none of the lower degrees are aware who is actually controlling their lodge, or the Grand Lodge for that matter. The Scottish rite blue lodge is the most

York rite Masonry

Ladder of the Red York Rite Masonry

common type of lodge. There are three degrees in a blue lodge, called blue degrees. To advance farther up one must join the red lodge, or the Royal Arch Lodge, which is part of the York rite, and it contains 32 degrees, with a 33rd being honorary.

These colors, together with the neutral background “white”, make up the British, American, Russian, and many other national flag colors. This is no accident because historically, since Egypt forward, red was used to symbolize the top of the astrological wheel, or the yin yang symbol (which is actually Roman), the light and the fire of the sun passing above the equator, red is symbolic of “higher” knowledge an initiate will attain from the red lodge.

Blue is the water, the bottom or lower half of the wheel of the zodiac, basic fundamental knowledge is shared here which makes the initiate a follower, but still the Mason is in the dark to the reality of things. A third degree Master Mason will unlikely be an insider.

Consider the Pepsi logo or the Korean flag to understand that we are talking about the elements of creation: fire, water, earth, air. You will probably see the combination of red, white and blue in many areas of your life if you begin to pay attention.

Not to discount the many good deeds of Masonry, which reduced the influence and grip of the Vatican in Europe and propagated the Age of Enlightenment, to include inspired artistic works of unequaled splendor, the topic here is focused on the malevolent acts of a certain lodge, located in Rome, namely the P2 Masonic lodge.

Society of Jesus

Society of Jesus

It is well known that Vatican considered Freemasonry an enemy publicly and denounced it frequently. Its Jesuit army was used to infiltrate numerous Masonic lodges and return with intelligence… So how do we get from that “war”, to P2 Masonic lodge which was intimately connected to the Vatican, its bank, to Italy’s political institutions, financial institutions, and of course the mafia/Camorra?

If fact, hundreds of Vatican officials were discovered to be Masons. Vatican embassies and other owned structures clearly depict Masonic symbols. Could the denunciations have been mere rhetoric? Much like what we see today against various other nations by our political class and media designed to stoke the flames of war, division, hate, and create the appearance of conflict in order to polarize, divide, and control?

A common criticism of the conspiracy movement, much of which is directed by covert operators actually, is the generalities used by us the investigators: “who is ‘they’?” “who is the Illuminati?” “who are the bankers?” who are the conspirators?”

Licio Gelli

Licio Gelli

Well, Licio Gelli would be as close to the Illuminati, or the ruling elite as one could name. This is a name that should become very familiar to us all, to include the role he has played in a large sequence of significant world events.

During World War 2, Gelli started as a “Black Shirt” for Mussolini, and became a liaison to the Nazis. After the war, he was closely tied to the SS and the Vatican Rat Lines which smuggled Nazis out of Europe mostly into Latin America with forged documentation.

Subsequently, unscathed in the war, he cooperated with western AND eastern intelligence (KGB), becoming a double-agent, for which side we do not know. Therefore his supposed loyalty to fascist ideology can certainly be properly questioned if not dismissed outright. This is a common thread we see with various ideologues; they have no problems doing business with their supposed “enemies”.

Western cooperation is no surprise because Western intelligence was well aware of the Rat Lines and had no objections, considering they moved thousands of Nazis into the Americas and Canada, and set many of them up in positions of power. Certainly KGB was well aware of the Rat Lines, but elected not to act on this information.

Why? Because they had Nazis in their own employ as double-agents being smuggled over to North and South America. Gelli may, and likely did, know this and still provided the necessary documentation for those persons as well. Today we know that General Reinhardt Gehlen was a double-agent, with a very significant proportion (up to 90%) of his “intelligence” provided to CIA having been useless and/or disinformation. Please watch the link.

He was communicating with his Nazi counterparts in Russia, and using this information to lead the CIA into dead ends, as well as to sabotage the US rocketry program.  Eventually, this group was instrumental in carrying out Operation Gladio, keeping the Cold War tensions high and the threat of nuclear war ever-present in the minds of the hypnotized masses. This was entirely consistent with Gelli’s (or those from whom he received his orders) aims to keep both sides strongly polarized and gradually implement a European police state.

P2 Black Lodge

P2 Black Lodge

Although the P2 Masonic lodge was founded in 1877 as “Propaganda Massonica”, it had been suppressed by competitors for power, revived after the second world war as “Propaganda Due” (two because lodges were numbered by the Grand Lodge system) with US encouragement, but was basically moribund in the 1960s, when Gelli was assigned the task of reviving it after being initiated into Masonry two years earlier.

He had a stellar rise in the hierarchy. Gelli used lists of members who were no longer active to create his large network and revive the lodge. Many elites were paranoid about the growing power of Communism in Italy and around the world, and convincing them to take part in a powerful anti-Communist, neo-fascist organization apparently was not all that difficult.

Gelli always maintained close contacts with CIA/MI6, through his work on the rat lines he also had close contacts with the Vatican and its bank. In 1976 this nefarious P2 Masonic lodge was expelled from Masonry, but nonetheless continued to operate, and inexplicably Gelli was still an active Mason with the national governing Grand Lodge throughout this time, and his Masonic membership was never put into question throughout all his activity.



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    In 1971, Grand Master Lino Salvini of the Grand Orient of Italy—one of Italy’s largest Masonic lodges—assigned to Gelli the task of reorganizing the lodge.

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