Some people are simply naturally suited geneticsto being led and to exist in a state where their short and long range schedules are predetermined.

Although I am a veteran, honorably discharged after one stint in the reserve corps, it was extremely difficult for me to complete my term of service due to my natural rejection of authority and independent will, albeit I did manage to subdue this inclination temporarily, not without some minor road bumps.

Certainly, society needs followers; factory workers, service personnel, military, police, farmers, and others who are able to perform difficult and mundane labor to support the infrastructure.

However, this station in life should in no way limit the intellectual development humanity is able to accomplish, particularly due to the fact that such jobs will be gradually diminished and taken over by artificial intelligence, and something will need to be done with all those people.

Certain personalities on the Myers Briggs personality continuum are ideally suited for placement into a hierarchy with clearly defined rules and expectations; their conspiracy psychology is simple unfavorable to such openness.

Everyone should determine their own personality type and use that information to gauge their own mental processes in accepting and assimilating new information and learn to adapt their paradigm accordingly.

Some of these types are highly traditional, conservative, uptight, and judgmental. Usually they find it difficult to deviate from their pre-programmed world view and open themselves up to new ideas, thought processes, and world views.

Other personality types are unable to cope with rigid social structures, and find it much easier to accept contrasting, contradictory ideas and are able to see their merit after application of scrutiny.This would be me: INTP.

Patience is the name of the game with the inflexible traditionalists, they should be spoon fed information at random and specific receptive opportunities, and given time to let it sink in and digest; something akin to the film Inception.

We cannot expect such persons to accept the Matrix and a new reality in a short time span. Various methods of introducing information should be used: visual, written, and auditory, as well as multiple credible sources should be utilized, until a particular one strikes the right chord.

Eventually these individuals should begin to manifest a different reality, and small bits of information over time are bound to add up to great change in the long term.


Our media is designed to polarize and propagandize. This has not always been true, although paid media agents have always existed, American and world media began to be centralized, like many other industries at the turn of the 20th century, with the advent of the various communication innovations, including commercial flight and the automobile.

Such shifts in dissemination of information made it much easier to spread mis- and dis-information as well as propaganda. Today the situation is far worse, as only a few companies control the dozens of the largest media outlets which fill most of our screens with social, political, religious, entertainment, sports, and other diversionary stimuli.

Most of us understand that the media is generally dishonest and is disseminating false information, but even of those, very few understand the extent of this information matrix and the effect on the psychology of our conspiratorial outlook.

trauma based mind controlEvery time a tragic event of great significance occurs it becomes the focal point of all mainstream media and coverage of the event ensues on a nearly twenty-four hour basis.

Spectators are consumed by every aspect of the coverage, they watch it at home, listen to it on their car radios, discuss it at their jobs, and see it on public screens; most people likely remember where they were when they learned of the JFK and RFK assassinations, the deaths of MLK, John Lennon, explosions of Challenger and Columbia, the 9/11 attacks, the OJ Simpson saga, and the various school and mass shootings such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.

Additionally, various celebrity deaths, murders, arrests, suicides, and similar tabloid gossip between the biggest events consumes television days and glues the masses to their screens.

Such events are burned into the retinas and minds of the spectators by a relatively unsophisticated means wherein the media focuses on highlighting the emotional pain and tragedy of those personally involved. They seem to have a unified agenda aimed at bilking every ounce of gut-wrenching emotion out of their interviewees and seem to purposely tug at the heart strings of the viewer.

This type of media coverage is in fact a very effective method of mind control. You should firstly understand that the television is most powerful WEAPON ever created for the control and manipulation of mankind:

Artificial environments deprive us of a direct knowledge of nature. Our knowledge is limited to the created environment , and so we know only what we are told by “the creator” of that environment. Whoever controls the creative process, defines reality for everyone else. We become subject to the creator, and the “confinement of our experience” becomes the basis of the creator’s power over us.

Technocrats expropriate knowledge and claim it as their restricted domain by controlling the content of that knowledge, and the medium through which it is conveyed to us. This forces us to abdicate our own experience in favor of the opinion of the “experts,” self-declared though they may be. We are effectively silenced before the television screen. There is no dissent allowed, and no debate possible. That means any search for truth is necessarily curtailed by the medium.Four Reasons for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander

A tiny fragment of the information available regarding the truly nefarious purposes behind the television, merely reveals what we already know: the boob-tube is a zombie-creation machine.

Our next task is to analyze how this weapon has been employed in battle. The elite have always been able to sway and affect public opinion through the long history of this form of mind-control, but today it has grown into a science even more so than an art form.

The shocking things we see on our screens today leave an indelible image imprint in our brains, which may last for years, decades or a lifetime, depending on the individual.

Hollywood surely understands this concept, among other purposes, the invocation of emotion is always a high priority on their agenda, because emotion is highly memorable, and the stronger the emotion, the more memorable it is, as will be the events connected to that emotion.

But memories fade, and the emotions attached to them become weaker. While the memories may remain long after the witnessed event, the emotion will not be as strongly attached after passage of time, and this known factor of the function of the human mind gradually acclimates humanity that witnesses traumatic events to greater and greater shocking stimuli, without the appropriate natural emotional response that should be attached to it.

Eventually, the mass consciousness becomes addicted to the rush of traumatic emotion. The “high” of such tragedy, and the vicarious adrenaline rush obtained form it, eventually declines like the effects of any other drug, and the viewers are left feeling empty and bored, desperately waiting for another dose.

The masses who engage mass media eventually become numb emotionally, either experiencing sporadic emotional outbursts and instability, or merely drone their way through life unable to experience the highs and lows, potentially turning to other artificial means to stimulate themselves or engaging in anti-social behavior.

As a consequence, emotions in such people become stunted, puerile, undeveloped, and humanity gradually devolves into emotional automatons, feeding on short-term artificial emotional highs it sees on a cyborg-image daily basis, and consumes through the manufactured construct of television, quickly forgetting them and moving on to the new emotionally charged images to consume; like Pavlovian dogs, the masses learn to need to feel their favorite emotions over and over again, and seek them out vicariously instead of in their own lives.

All these emotions, pain, joy, anger, love, hate, sadness, rage, empathy, etc., may then be focused in some direction that the puppet masters have predetermined is the proper course of action that should be taken in response to some traumatic event, such as war or legislation or policy initiatives.


Among us there exist a skeptical subset of rather arrogant know-it-alls who seem to consider themselves the alpha and omega of truth and reality.

Far be it for me to speak for the mental processes of other conscious or quasi-conscious beings, but in my experience the situation goes something like this: the individual reviews some piece of evidence regarding some type of conspiracy, they compare it to what they know based on mainstream “education” or “academic “consensus”, whatever that even means, and conclude that the evidence they just reviewed is spurious and no further investigation is necessary into the entire field of research.

I’ll point out two obvious flaws with this type of thinking.

First “mainstream” education should not be trusted, as we have covered and may be found in numerous other locations, the US education system, and the world’s for that matter, is utterly corrupt, and uninterested in creating fully awake enlightened individuals, that part is up to the individual.

One who considers the books they read in high school as valid factual information are being mentally abused. There is a very tight grip on who may write and publish school books; those companies use only the most uncontroversial information and ignore or distort the most important causes of our history.

What is taught in schools is the coincidental view of history; errors, mistakes and blunders were merely products of flawed thinking by the actors. This theme is similar to what the religious populations receive from their “leaders”: only the first and lowest level of understanding, the literal interpretation at face value.

Only initiates receive the higher degrees of interpretation, the metaphorical, and the reality behind the scenes.

1680professorsMAcademic consensus is also a flawed basis on which to lay a foundation of reason, because this is a wholly owned and controlled niche of the propaganda/mind-washing machine.

We generally recognize that academics are a closed-loop system, where new information takes an extremely long time to penetrate, and much of the time not at all. This system is closely guarded and monitored by the gatekeepers of the journals and the various academic societies who police their members and shame/ostracize non-conformists.

There are many benefits to the members to tow the party line, however, such as tenure, publication, publicity, research funding by private or government sources, better salaries, and certainly overall status and standing within the academic community.

Academics are myopic and exist in a reflective bubble, they only know what they are taught and they receive their information from “greater” experts than they, their ideas and theories are bounced off other experts who know the same pre-produced information.

The system has historically been able to manipulate the initial research into an area, and thusly they establish a base of academics whom are controlled because they are funded by those who wish to maintain power over a particular area of study for numerous reasons.

It is from this base that information is disseminated to the mass academic community at large, who have no idea whether they are getting truth, distortion, pure disinformation, or whether the entirety of the evidence provided is complete or has been hidden or modified in some way, because the sources are supposedly “highly credible”.

Secondly, conspiracy psychology requires us to assess and acknowledge our own community’s flaws. Granted, the conspiracy community is highly penetrated by nefarious misleaders and double agents, and of course shysters.

Some of the information disseminated is absolute trash, unworthy for human consumption. It is designed to be so absurd so as to turn off rational individuals to the entire field of study.

It is created to be more and more outrageous than any facts can ever support, and although some gullible people may accept anything, the intellectuals, the ones we really need to be on board, so that they can prod and poke humanity one person at a time into awakening, will reject such information purely based on the absurd conjecture and provable falsity.

I personally believe much of the alien alternative history is probably a disinformation campaign, but it has been pushed by mainstream media and many authors, and it has become part of our culture. Much of this field is built on conjecture and misinterpretation of available evidence, and yet it has a massive following.

Ancient-AliensI’m not saying here that ancient aliens is an impossibility, in fact, in my view, it is more probable than the theories stated in the various religious texts: that an omnipotent being created us to serve and obey him.

The Vatican has recently come out with statements regarding the possibility of alien life… However, it appears the movement has been co-opted by nefarious charlatans who are either part of an organized plan to discredit the movement or simply smelled great wads of cash to be made off gullible and intellectually starved masses.

As a result the movement is now saturated with baseless and groundless assertions which are properly rejected by astute thinkers.

We must remember that the “truth,” “conspiracy” and “whistle-blower” movements have always been closely monitored by the power structure; control is not something they take lightly and relinquishing it is the last option for them, perhaps another world war would occur first.

We should also understand that we have been seeded with a plethora of double agents who seek to lead us astray, down a black hole into a dead end and identify those who may pose problems for the system. We must be diligent in our study, rationally discarding that which is not useful and sorting through the rest with propaganda1a skeptical mindset to find nuggets of gold which “square” with the information we already possess.

We must carefully evaluate the sources of new information and consider their agendas; are they in it for the cash, is their status too improbable, or are they humanists who want nothing more than to expose reality at any cost?

It is up to each of us, to not stop our research based on flawed sources, but to collect as much disparate information as possible, from as many sources as possible, and at that point we will have a basis by which we can rationally and reasonably evaluate the true state of reality.


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