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Today, 10/06/17, ISIS issued a third proclamation that the purported Las Vegas shooter was indeed a convert to Islam, had an Arabic name, and was acting in the name of the caliphate when he committed the mass murder from his Mandalay Bay hotel room. The claim was not supported by any evidence, which theoretically should be available since many ISIS jihadists carry cell phones and the conversion of a white American would certainly merit significant attention from the higher, more prosperous echelons, of this criminal subsidiary of the CIA.

There should at least have been a single photo or video of Paddock during his conversion ceremony or at any point after the fact posing with someone who could be verified to be an ISIS agent. Many Jihadis make videos just prior to an operation performing their suicide rituals and pledging loyalty to Allah. Rumors exist that the government has a video purportedly of Paddock performing just such a ceremony. At this point we have no evidence of a direct connection to ISIS by Paddock, but strong suspicions remain.

Many problems exists with the official scenario, some of which will certainly not be addressed here as some are quite absurd such as the claim that nobody was in fact shot; only the reasonable issues with some sort of corroborative evidence will be discussed.

mandalay bayThe idea of bringing 23 machine guns, likely over 300 pounds with an additional 50+ pounds of ammo into a hotel room in preparation for a massacre, while most certainly attempting to the fullest extent to remain inconspicuous in preparation for the shooting, simply makes zero sense. Someone in the planning stages of a violent secret operation would certainly not want to attract attention by going in and out of his room with a bellhop pushing fully loaded extremely heavy dollies multiple times each day. Certainly Paddock would not likely be permitted to carry his own bags in such a luxury establishment and a bellhop pushing massively loaded carts would certainly become suspicious of the weight and amount of bags for a single guest, unless security standards are completely missing at the Mandalay.

A reasonable explanation for the number of weapons found in the room was posted by an anonymous poster on 4Chan, who stated that the Paddock was either an FBI informant of direct employee and was running guns for the federal government under cover, analogous to a similar operation called “Fast and Furious”, where guns were permitted to be sold to Mexican cartels, which were later used in murders, under the guise of tracking the weapons to the ultimate users.

So the post goes on to claim that the sale was to transfer weapons to ISIS or Islamic extremist agents and apparently his cover was blown causing him to be killed and the shooting to occur as an improvised attack, wherein the attackers made their escape and the FBI/Homeland Security left holding the bag trying to cover up the situation by taking over the investigation from LVPD and keeping its boot on the facts. FBI has yet to hold a press conference regarding its investigation, but was very quick, suspiciously so, to rule out any Islamic connection with Paddock within 2 hours of the attack. LVPD appears to extrinsically support this assertion while at the same time providing small clues that there is something being covered up.

Many witnesses and firearm experts/enthusiasts/professionals claim there were two weapons firing simultaneously and two weapons are audible in various recordings. This may or may not be the case, currently little evidence exists of multiple shooters because generally there is a delay in the sound of the muzzle break and the sound of the gunpowder chamber explosion, where both occur at the same time to the shooter while to someone being shot at the sounds are separated due to the different travel speed of each sound.

Furthermore, there may have been some echo between buildings which made the impression that there were two weapons being fired at the same time. Finally, the way phone microphones generally work is that they are directional, meaning that they pick up noise that is directed at them much better than ambient sounds. Therefore, it may be the case that some sounds heard on some recordings was the sound of gunfire being directed toward the microphone of the recording person, and other shots were recorded as the shooter was firing in a different direction, such as he moved from one open window to the other. That would explain the very different timber of the gunfire.

In conclusion on this point, there were not, to the author’s knowledge, any recording of simultaneous firing: one weapon firing on top of another, the type generally heard in films.  There would need to be a digital audio analysis performed to differentiate two separate weapons firing rounds at the same time. What this author definitely heard was at least one AK47 firing early on, differentiated by its distinct cracking fire rhythm, then a changeover was made to what was likely a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), an AR15 full-auto variant which may be drum, magazine, or belt fed, then possibly an M240 Bravo, a 7.62 full auto heavy infantry machine gun (same rounds as the AK.

Is it possible that Paddock (or another person, if Paddock was killed before the shooting began), was a lone shooter? Yes, the casualty count with respect to a crowd of 22 thousand would not be out of line with a lone shooter with sufficient firepower. In approximately 15-30 minutes of firing we can estimate probably well over one thousand rounds sent down-range, with over 500 injuries, and apparently the shooter tried to blow up some jet fuel storage tanks expending a significant number of rounds on that task albeit failing. He was not using tracers or night vision which would have greatly increased casualties. This firing rate, damages ad injuries would be consistent with a single shooter.


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