155232_vignette_Charlie-UnesOn 1/8/15 a major attack against occurred against a satirical cartoonist newspaper Charlie Hebdo, supposedly stemming from the profound indignation by some extremist Muslims that it had published comical depictions of Muhammad, and had mocked Islam generally; this sounds vaguely like the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Outrage quickly ensued, with round-the-clock news coverage, mass rallies, more mocking cartoons, and a variety of statements made by the politicians stoking the flames of acrimony. The event has become another visual spectacle and rallying cry for greater conflict with Islam, with a commensurate emotional outpouring of hostility and has surely united the western nations in opposition of this “religion of hate”.

XX33This event is presented to the masses as a battle in The War on Terror, it was unleashed on the west by the events of 9/11. So we have a major, traumatic, emotional, shocking event, which resets the paradigm and initiates a long-term sequence of events, as before, and always leading to conflict. We can, with great success, draw analogies from this relatively new war to a previous war, begun shortly after World War 2, where the Allies divided Europe down the middle, and the “evil empire’s iron curtain” was raised, a policy of “containment” was initiated, and the free world was locked in a forty year struggle with tyranny.

Can we even fathom the complexity of such a project? Forty years of proxy wars, massivecold-war-graphics-640 casualties both military and civilian, savage dictators deposed and installed, revolutions initiated by clandestine operations, fear propaganda, Hollywood anti-Soviet propaganda… Well it actually is a fact, and it happened. There are numerous books written by scholars and credible researchers who provide all the evidence I would possibly need to deem the thesis stated here, an indisputable fact, therefore I will not go into details. Some of these books are available for sale in the MANDATORY READING section; anything by Anthony Sutton will get you to understanding. If you subscribe to this blog, we will send you the “5 Trillion Dollar Hoax” in PDF form, free of charge.

To even conceive that the Soviet Union, after 6 years of bitter combat, forty million lives lost, countryside decimated, no infrastructure to speak of, could have posed an existential threat to the United States, being untouched by war, bombs, in possession of nuclear weapons, and having borne a fraction of the casualties as compared to the other combatants… is incomprehensible. But it was done; the Soviet Union was made out to be the next boogey man, after the first Kaiser and then Hitler became nothing more than hostility propaganda. And humanity bought tickets to the show, hook, line and sinker.

What ensued was a global chess game, for domination of the various satellite states and the health-cold-war-germsminds of the masses. Some infamous Cold War events we can recall include The School of the Americas, Operation Gladio, P2 Masonic Lodge, Vatican/CIA/mafia dealings, the Berlin Wall, Perestroika, Cuba Missile Crisis, JFK assassination, various revolutions and wars, and probably many others, such as the heroin trade and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

What would be the point of creating such a hoax?

51MV13wwWpL._SX940_The answer is simple history; if there were no empires struggling for domination, then the Money Masters would not be able to run the western nations into a deficit and a debt from which it could never recover. This strategy was in no way the first of its kind, it has in fact been practiced for hundreds of years in Europe. For example, when The Bank of England was established in 1694, the nation was plunged into four major conflicts and its debt went from 16 million pounds to 140 million by the middle of the 18th century. To repay the debts it needed to raise money from its colonies and force the opium trade on China, thereby becoming the largest slave trader and drug dealer in history.

Notice the pentagon and pentagram, as well as Roman wreath.

Notice the pentagon and pentagram, as well as Roman wreath.

Immediately upon the creation of the United States’ Federal Reserve in 1913, and the
progressive income tax in that same year, which guaranteed that the bankers would be paid on the national debt, the Reserve quickly made a $400 million loan to Britain to fight the First World War. This was necessary because Europe was basically bankrupt after the Napoleonic wars of the previous century. In a few short years the US was manipulated into entering the war itself to fully decide the outcome, on the side of Britain, and not Germany with which America had a stronger alliance, and usher in the League of Nations.

The main problem with the US Federal Reserve system is that it guarantees, by statute, a 6% profit on all money created out of thin air by the institution, which means, through basic logic, that there is NEVER sufficient money created to repay the debt in full. Another major issue, as Alan Greenspan has stated, is that the Reserve is unaccountable and unanswerable to Congress, it is a wholly independent branch of government which has total discretion to control the nation’s interest rates and money supply. The final salient point, among many others, is that the shareholders are secret, and any foreign transactions with other international banks are also secret and unreviewable by Congress. In fact, the history of America, right from the Revolution, is a history of struggle against a central bank.

Opoeration Paperclip

Operation Paperclip

We can clearly see the tie-in between the dawn of the American financial system and the initiation of a century of war, wherein America regularly becomes entangled in foreign engagements which was activity expressly rejected by the Founding Fathers. This nation was intended to be isolationist, clearly expressed in historical writings. Close ties of the Federal Reserve to Wall Street leave inescapable tracks of support and financing provided to the Nazis, and initiation of World War 2. Operation Paperclip leaves inescapable tracks of collaboration with Nazis when thousands were brought to America and placed into high positions of authority, and thousands were allowed to escape through the Vatican rat lines to Latin America, where they would link up with the CIA in the future and support various coups against our supposed Communist enemy.

Good friends at Yalta

Good friends at Yalta

Of course, subsequent to World War 2, which Hitler never had a chance of winning, a permanent state of quasi-war needed to be established in order to use the two “superpowers” to fight for global domination, thereby ensuring a state of global conflict, division, chaos, profit and power centralization. The smaller nations would have to choose sides with whom to camp, and that superpower would wield control of that nation, like a satellite of colony. The Cold War became the new form of colonialism.

Likewise, many links exist between the west and the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. This would be followed by decades of support by western oligarchs, the American taxpayer, sharing of technology, and staged crisis events where the Doomsday Clock was used to great effect to convince Americans to cower under their desks and build bomb shelters. Castro may have been a Communist, but he did receive help from numerous US interests, as did Mao, North Vietnam, North Korea, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Raza Pahlavi, Idi Amin… The list is long.

The above is merely intended to be a very basic and in no way comprehensive survey of significant events, all designed with a single goal in mind, to break down nations’ borders and centralize power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. It is up to you to do the research to get the details on how this was done.

Today we have a new war, “The War of Terror”, a new boogeyman, Islam and the “7th 1680x1050-the-cold-war-is-backcentury savages” waging jihad on our “way of life” and our “freedoms.” Does this sound realistic? Perhaps just another hoax dreamt up by the ruling elite to complete the task set about one century ago? These types of radical paradigm shifts are rooted in mass trauma events such as 9/11 for “The War on Terror”, the Cold War was initiated through the trauma of WW2, finalized by the use of nuclear weapons to fully set the human perception that a new age had begun, and reinforced periodically through Korea and Vietnam wars, among numerous other struggles in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, including various public spectacles. The public never has a chance to catch its breath form the propaganda assault through the daily media assault, from the noise by politicians and other “opinion makers” rallying the masses, and the constant military drumbeat and patriotism indoctrination in schools, parents, and, of course, the loyal arm of the propaganda machine: Hollywood.


Nukes, Hollywood, clash of civilizations, tyranny vs. freedom all over again.

The point is to get enough support to have the manpower to staff the military apparatus and engage in various international interventions, as well as financially drive the research and development wing of the military industrial complex. Certainly there have always been opposition movements, although generally these have not been sufficiently effective to cause a sea change in the mass consciousness, and they have only opposed the military action as unwise, or motivated by financial factors, but they have not been fully honest with the extent of the deception. For example, the opposition generally states that The War on Terror is unwise because it stereotypes Islam, it is motivated by resources conquest agenda, and the west has instigated “terrorism” due to its own actions. This limited “weak” opposition is likely due to the fact that it is generally penetrated, manipulated and controlled by the same machine that runs the actual war.



But this opposition, generally being the “left”, do not go all the way to point out the fact that this “war” is nothing more than a figment of our mad architects’ imagination, just as the Cold War was; it is dreamt up out of whole cloth, terrorism is more connected to western intelligence than Islam, and this entire decade long quagmire is based on a false flag attack, which instigated the overarching agenda to conquer and unify the Middle East, apparently under the Saudi flag; America’s biggest ally and coincidentally the largest sponsor of all this “terrorism”.

Did Communists infiltrate positions in US government, media, academia, and attempt to overthrow the government? Is the “Red Scare” real? Certainly: many Communists are devoted fanatics, just as fascists and Nazis and Christians and Muslims, and the Communists have always been there, they didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Communism is a means to an end, not the end itself. As discussed previously, the wealthiest western oligarchs have always been the strongest Communists, they are the fifth column working for foreign powers, which loathe the original American Republican system of government, and have always attempted to subvert it.
1907-Indiana-Eugenics-Law-1Communism is just another means to do this, just as before World War 2, America became the staging point for eugenics, propaganda, racism, and Nazism; much of the inspiration for Hitler’s own ideology, which led him not to want a war with America because he had received so much support from there. A large portion of this German Nazi apparatus was later moved through the rat lines into the west, so the Nazis became the right, generally, and the Communists became the left, generally, and the struggle ensued for control of the Republic, but the goal was always the destruction of the middle class and representative government.

Don’t need to change your views yet, get a few books and put in the effort; then decide.


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