“We had no idea he was capable of doing something like this”

The common phrase used with just about every single mass shooter by those who knew them… “loner, outcast, socially awkward, strange, different, friendly, pleasant” also all words used to describe most such attackers. Micah Johnson was described exactly the same way. Just a coincidence?

micah johnsonAnother week another mass shooting attack; seems like Americans are so worn down by the constant stream of death and violence that we have become immune to the ultra-violence. One day a toddler killed by an alligator, another day a teen killed by a wood-chipper, a mass shooting every week… But then that is the point of “trauma-based mind control” isn’t it?

Micah Johnson plasters our TV screens and Facebook walls as the embodiment of extremism, rage, hate, and perhaps even martyrdom to some. There is little doubt he was involved in the attacks personally, but was he alone? Did he have help? Were there any other shooters?

Founded in the Nazi and Japanese human experiments during WW2 which were certainly transferred to the USA during Operation Paperclip, where approximately 6000 German scientists, intelligence, and military personnel were granted permanent entry to the US and put into positions of power including NASA, CIA, military, government, and private industry, the mind control experiments were conducted for decades under various secret programs such MK Ultra, Operation Monarch (existence of which is disputed), and who knows how many others by various governmental agencies whose files were destroyed never to see the light of day. We know our government has experimented mostly on prisoners, minorities, and military personnel for many decades, using drugs, brain surgery, hypnosis, and other methods, mostly without their informed consent.

The Nazis gave us our rocketry program, after all, in addition to helping us to foment the Cold War (per US upper management wishes) by coordinating with their counterparts in Europe and the Soviet Union. CIA was provided with mostly false intelligence on Russian threats, military build-ups, and operations, and Operation Gladio was coordinated from Europe to increase the fear factor to enable the “dialectic” which we discuss here in nearly every post to continue in order to synthesize the chaos into some form of order. Today the dialectic is mostly focused against Islam, although its has been inserted into our everyday lives against our own neighbors as well.

But who is actually being mind-controlled here? We the people, or the shooters? Here we believe it is indeed both. All those mind-control experiments conducted by the CIA probably failed to come up with a perfect slave who will carry out any act upon command, but they did come up with a distilled gradual process of indoctrination and self-induction, wherein a person, given the right stimuli will gradually become an extremist willing to kill and to die of his/her own volition when the right environment is created, the right people are placed around him or her, and the right information is provided to that individual. All in all, the human mind is a rather fragile software program, that spits out what is put in. If hate and violence is put in, that is what will eventually explode out into the world in a gruesome fashion. This is truly an age-old concept that has been perfected to a science today.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a lot of help can’t be provided along the way from nefarious sources. For example, we have reams of information regarding how Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited from the Marines to study Russian, subsequently to be sheep-dipped as a Communist by being sent to live in Russia and marry a Russian, by passing out various Communist literature, by his Socialist affiliations and public affirmations, while today we know from his close friends, family, and documentation that he was in fact a CIA operative, a strong patriot who loved the USA and was doing work which he believed to be to its benefit. We have photographs of him with figures who were his handlers through those indoctrination years, later implicated in the assassination and known as nefarious black-ops shadowy figures. We have written evidence, and we have his own words, and we have repeating patterns.

Today, the same process is very likely being applied to the current crop of so-called “extremist” shooters, I say “very likely” because I am not privy to such information personally, but this is merely MY educated hypothesis based on historically available information.

Let’s look at the latest Dallas police shooting attack and the strange unexplained circumstances surrounding Micah Johnson and its occurrence:

Firstly, the timing was very coincidental with the exculpation of Hillary’s email scandal by the FBI which announced that they would not indict her, regardless of the fact that they most certainly could, and have indicted others for much less, and furthermore have obtained convictions on much less evidence. There is little doubt that crimes were committed here, by any person in possession of even the slightest reason, but the police shooting certainly took the focus off that story and 24/7 coverage of the attack ensued by the ratings hungry media complex, as controlled from a central source.

Next we must take note of the fact that Dallas is a relatively innocuous city as far as complaints against the police go; there have been no major racial incidents in that city in recent memory. A very unexpected location for such a shooting, unlike Chicago, LA, NY, Baltimore, or Philadelphia for example, where racial incidents which turn into national news are relatively frequent.

Additionally, there are serious inconsistencies which occurred during the attack itself, with reports of initially 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 shooters coming from the media. We are to presume they were merely reporting what was given to them by police, and it would be very strange and peculiar that a large contingent of trained professionals could misinterpret a single attacker for five. Either they were very poorly trained or they were not actually wrong.

Very difficult to believe a single shooter could engage the police from his sniper’s nest, changing positions sufficient to confuse them as to the number of attackers, then run down to the ground floor to engage them in close quarters combat, as seen on a now infamous video, then run back up to multiple covered higher positions in different buildings and become trapped there only to be blown up by a slow moving robot. Possible to have misinterpreted as to two, maybe three shooters, when there was one, even granted the echoing sound of gunfire between buildings, but five? Highly improbable.

We have to assume the police were communicating in real time while Micah Johnson was inside a multi-floor garage, a police chopper was in the air, news choppers as well, surely the entire SWAT unit was on the scene, who are far better trained in urban terrain close quarters combat. These reports of multiple shooters run parallel to other similar attacks where the numbers of dead and injured seem extreme for a single attacker to have carried out.

micah johnson saiga AKFor example, in Orlando, the shooter must have carried with him approximately 200-300 rounds as a low estimate, due to the fact that previous studies have found that it takes about 2-3 rounds for trained soldiers to kill a single combatant, and he shot around 100, killing 50. How did he get into the club with two large bags, one with guns the other with ammo? Improbable.

In this situation there were hundreds of rounds fired by the shooter during the course of a few hours, Johnson was running around the streets, in and out of buildings, likely up and down stairs of garages, and apparently was carrying ammo on his body for a 5.45mm medium caliber Saiga rifle, likely 4-8 30 round clips weighing in at about 10 pounds, plus he would certainly need water due to the heat of the Dallas summer or he would not last long; all this would definitely tire out most athletic people after just a few minutes, no matter their training. Believe me, been there.

Let me assure you holding a 12 pound weapon to your shoulder while firing hundreds of rounds and running around simultaneously is absolutely exhausting. Don’t forget the 30 pound armored vest… Plus one needs to stay very steady to be able to aim the rifle accurately.

All the above bodes strongly that there was at least one other shooter stationed somewhere on higher ground, same as there was likely at least one other shooter in Orlando, both of whom got away shortly after the shooting began, and made their way out with the frightened panicking civilians.

Another significant issue is the use of special operations tactics as seen in the video; Micah Johnson never received intensive combat training in the military, he was merely a driver in an engineer division, he never saw combat nor received any significant combat training. He never even finished his first tour. So all his close-quarters combat tactics were apparently self-taught; and he taught himself quite well indeed. The implication here being that Micah Johnson was trained for the attack by nefarious third parties, and not from books or in his back yard as the media would love to have us believe. Evidence? Well what evidence do we have that Oswald was a crack shot? We have reason.

micah johnson dead

So overall, we have another social outcast loner with a military supposed-‘ptsd’ background interested in guns and angry with society generally and police specifically, for some nebulous perceived slights magnified out of proportion by the repugnant media complex. Such attacks are difficult, if not impossible to conceive, plan, and execute by loners with no formal training, so historical analysis tells us that some dark forces were at work here.

So called “journalists” will follow up that explosives, bomb-making materials, manuals, weapons, social-media postings etc., and plenty of other evidence were found at all the attackers’ homes and on their computers, but really, do we know this stuff wasn’t planted there after the fact or inserted there by those attempting to leave bread crumbs of guilt for us to follow?? Remember those cut and paste photos of Lee Harvey Oswald with the rifle and Communist booklets? Kinda convenient wasn’t it?

The purposes, as usual, include fomenting of division, hatred, and conflict. To keep us off balance fighting one another instead of our true enemies. Perhaps this event might ultimately have the opposite effect, but not if these particular evil forces aligned against liberty have something to say, and to do. My feeling is that this was the kickoff to the “Summer of Chaos.” The games have just begun. We are mostly very easy to manipulate and set against one another, we humanity.




  1. Daily alexa

    Chief Brown said that while Johnson had been planning the shooting before the deaths of Sterling and Philando Castile, both incidents served as the trigger to commit the shooting and that he saw the Dallas protest as “an opportunity” to attack police officers.

    1. Author

      That is a possible course of events, although we don’t know who was behind the planning, training, and whether he acted alone, which scenario is highly suspect.

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