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The masses have suffered yet another clever “divide and conquer” tactic at the hands of the Establishment or Illuminati, whatever you wish to call them. Let’s see, the “President” of The State of Israel paid a visit to Congress, rebuffed by “President” Obama, I would prefer to call them both CEO’s but for the sake of common parlance, “president” will suffice, and both US parties, except for a very few exceptions, gave him a standing ovation in full honorary rapture-Zionist you’re-our-hero fashion.

Without getting into the obligatory staged “opposition”, to make it appear that Netanyahu was not in fact being worshiped as a Greek God descended for Divine purpose from Mount Olympus by a wholly owned subsidiary of the globalist New World Order that is the American Congress, I would like to just generally discuss the entire topic of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and being an existential threat to The State of Israel. We will utilize nothing more that basic Reason at this point, because few THINK and many REACT.

I’m not going to reference my statements to this or another source because research should be your own prerogative. Neither am I addressing the personal character of Netanyahu, Obama, or Putin for that matter, who, like most of us possess a dualistic nature, albeit based in incomprehensible extremes, where cruelest murder is just a part of a day’s job.


My Twitter feed was inundated by pro and con to Netanyahu’s presence and appearance. The standard fear-porn spiel was the only purpose behind the delivery: holocaust yada yada, nuclear weapons yada yada, never again yada yada, Iran, terrorist, evil, Israel, freedom, good, US and Israel bla bla bla…

First off, I want to make my opinion clear, that any conflict between Obama and Netanyahu that is being played up in any media outlet is entirely staged, a hoax, and is made for the benefit of each respective person’s base of fanatical support.

Exactly like the scenario being promoted between Putin and Obama. We’re supposed to believe grown, educated, wealthy, elitist, relatively mature, highly trained diplomat politicians whose ENTIRE purpose for existence is effective communication with opposing parties, are having a hissy fit, don’t actually “like” each other, and are giving one another the silent treatment.

Cmon let’s be serious here. If anything, no world “leader” particularly “likes” another, unless they’re actually friends; they communicate because they have to, for appearances and business’ sake.

What we’re dealing with here is NOTHING more than a continuation of the existing Hegelian, Kantian, Fichtian, policy of dialectics. We are provided a nice juicy medium rare artificially engineered conflict and being given the “choice” to pick a side. This has been the ONLY road of life for thousands of years, and we should not be surprised to recognize that ONE tiny group runs both sides of the conflict. There could not be any other way, because there never had been.


The Persian culture is demonstrably over five thousand years old, with a rich and clear ancestral lineage to land and tradition. And however much the religion we call “Judaism” wants to claim it has 5767 years of history behind it, actually verifiable history simply has little  to zilch confirmation for this misrepresentation.

The entire claimed authorship of the Old Testament is demonstrably a complete farce, and as best we can tell, including by Israel’s own archaeologists, at best, The Kingdom of Israel existed about 3100 years ago, but more likely was formed even more recently by hundreds of years.

We’re not even going to go into the fact that The Kingdom of Israel was founded by an unknown people, probably Egyptian colonists or Bedouins, was unified briefly, and then split off into The Kingdom of Judah. These entities became entirely separate sovereigns, were each populated by different tribes, with different traditions and practices who apparently hated and constantly warred with and murdered one another.

Although there is much debate on the truth behind the history of what we have been trained to term the “Jewish” people, there is little debate that The State of Israel has little to nothing to do with The Kingdom of Israel, and the claim that the Third Kingdom has, by the will of God, been miraculously recreated in 1948 by British mandate, after nearly 2000 years of complete and utter silence on any such recreation, is an absurdity of Reason beyond comprehension, much like the absurdity of the claim that God decided to return as his own son through a peasant virgin girl, 4000 years after he imposed Original Sin on mankind, in order to redeem humanity from that sin.

And it is just as absurd as the Pavlovian response inducing claim that “white” Europeans possess genetic roots tied directly to the land of Phoenicia/Caana or Palestine. But this is an entirely different post, and books have been written on The Invention of the Jewish People, which should be consulted.

You see, fervent Zionists (a philosophy created in the late 19th century) love to drone on regarding the fact that there is no such thing in history as the Palestinian people, and although that may be true, it is also just as true that there is certainly no such thing as the “Jewish” people before approximately the 4th century CE, when the term “Jude” became an entire religion, and only much much later a new “race”.

Before that time “Jude” meant nothing more than a person from the Kingdom of Judah, which is exactly what it means in the Old Testament, and what Josephus meant in his “Wars of the Jews”. The rituals used by Judaism descended from numerous other religious cults present in and around Caana since the dawn of civilization, Babylon, India, and Egypt. Making orthodox Judaism an anachronistic moon, sun, and Saturn/Baal cult.

Feel free to conduct your own research, but please don’t skimp on that which is verboten to your own school of thought, challenge yourself to learn from sources you have been trained to reject.

Anyway, let’s BRIEFLY review the modern history of Persia, or what we know (and hate) today as Iran.

After forcing the ruler Reza Shah Pahlavi to abdicate in the 1941 co-invasion with Russia, due to the false claim that Iran was pro-Nazi, regardless of the fact that Iran was neutral in the War, the Brittons installed his son as Shah and shortly thereafter withdrew leaving behind massive economic interests and a control system.

In 1951 Mohammed Mosaddegh was elected Prime Minister and became a popular leader who nationalized Iran’s oil industry, which was dominated by the west. For obvious reasons this would not stand, and in 1953 he was subject to a coup by the CIA and MI6, and Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was back in power restoring corporate hegemony and becoming a strong ally to the west and Israel, even supplying them with oil.

Eventually, in 1979, as a result of mass protests in Iran due to a poor economy, Ayatollah Khomeini was allowed to return to Iran from France and take control of the government, creating the Islamic Republic. The Shah was basically ditched by the west and no aid to him was provided to maintain his reigns of power. Reasons for this are unclear, but we can surmise… At that point a Hegelian conflict in the Middle East was required.

As we can see, Iran has not invaded another nation since the times of ancient Greece, and yet been subject to constant interference from the west for the past 100 years. Let’s not forget the fact that Iraq was supported by the United States during the Iran/Iraq war, with the US providing Saddam with chemical weapons he later used on his own people.

There is a famous photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand during this time. This paragraph does not account for the fact that one spider at the center of the web was financing both warring nations through their own proxies, those being the US and Russia.

So let’s ponder, for a moment, Iran, an Islamic Republic for approximately three decades, closely allied with such nations as Russia, China, North Korea, and Pakistan, and we should believe that if they wanted to have nuclear weapons, they STILL have not obtained them?

And of course, Mossad and rest of the fear mongering propagandists regularly keep telling us Iran is only 1, 3, or 5 years away from having deliverable warheads; the number changes with the spokes-mouth.

On that same thread of thought: we keep hearing about “failed” rocket tests from North Korea, which certainly has nuclear weapons, but is unable to procure some of the better rocket technology from China, its closest ally, Russia, or Iran? What happened to the tests now? We haven’t had any in at least a year or more.

We keep getting the same Pavlovian fear-conditioning as from the various breeds of Zionists regarding Iran, that NK is oh so close to developing a missile that will be able to hit the US mainland… And of course, we HAVE to stop them! (Preventative war is open policy these days.)

None of this makes any sense. How stupid does the Establishment think we are? Well, pretty damn stupid. And they’re right!

Apparently, Iran has nothing better to do than put its entire population at risk of nuclear holocaust and singularly seek the elimination of this tiny rogue “Jewish” state, regarding which it never has been nor is “anti-Jewish.” (We don’t use the fictional term ‘anti-Semitic’ here because we UNDERSTAND what it means, and the term is, much like Israel’s history, mostly fictional).

So, according to the propagandists’ persuasive reasoning we can assume that as soon as Iran develops a nuke and attaches it to a delivery system, it will shortly thereafter launch its entire payload against Israel creating an uninhabitable wasteland for the next century, and murdering vast amounts of people of all religions, including millions or tens of millions of its own citizens because of the counter-attack.

Well that certainly sounds like something a sovereign state would do as being in its own best interests! Russia had nukes since the 50s, and despite decades of the ultimate hoax being propagated upon the fragile minds of the American people; the Cold War anti-Russian propaganda, the atomic clock, the Cuban missile crisis, JFK assassination, Operation Gladio, and the Communist armies marching into Europe, no nukes were ever used by any side, unless of course, you consider the United States genocide of the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Even to an imbecile, a blithering, Pavlovian intellectual salivation machine that believes everything it sees and hears from Katie Couric or Anderson Cooper or Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, this scenario, as laid out by our propagandist, stage-actor politicians is QUITE incredulous, to say the least. It is beyond absurd; it is a plot from a Tom ‘the Jesuit’ Clancy novel translated into a made for TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Israel poses zero threat to Iran (not counting the current innuendo of attack), WHY would a nation that hasn’t invaded any other nation in recent or distant history all of a sudden decide to sacrifice itself to ensure destruction of another nation, for the sake of this newly created “Palestinian” people? We are being told that Iran’s government and people hate Israel so deeply that they have tacitly or expressly agreed to commit mass suicide just to destroy it?

Look, give me a break boys. To quote a famous phrase: Sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.


The reality of the situation is the same as it has always been: ENERGY and energy dependence. If Iran does built nuclear power for itself, as it very likely intends, well that will free up a huge portion of its oil reserves, which will flood the market and lower global prices.

To understand this concept, we need to realize that Iraq was invaded not to increase oil production but to restrict it, and keep prices artificially high. This was accomplished.

To understand the points made here, one needs to have read the work Confessions of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins.

In short, the methodology used by the Western Establishment corporations is to pay off foreign leaders so as to saddle the nation with massive loans, and channel those loans into infrastructure which benefits the wealthy few, and is built by western establishment companies, so the money actually revolves right back to the lenders. This is what happened with Iraq.

Saddam had greatly increased oil production in order to repay the heavy foreign debts he was saddled with after the Iran/Iraq war and by corporate infrastructure projects, which is also the reason he invaded Kuwait – not to mention they were stealing Iraqi oil by “slant drilling” – this war created even more debt and economic problems for Saddam…

So, nuclear power means more oil in the market, and more revenues for Iran, and therefore more economic independence and no need for a nice London owned fiat currency central bank to manage the economy.

Remember when Israel bombed Saddam’s nuclear reactor at Osirak? Was there any evidence that Saddam was developing nuclear weapons there or anywhere else? It was nothing more than a power plant. Are we seeing a pattern forming here? Israel can basically attack anyone with impunity based on spurious and unfounded claims that it is being threatened. Claims, in fact, based on economic imperatives of its Globalist overlords, having nothing to do with Israel’s safety. 

Nuclear power is a great economic equalizer, and is only permitted to a few. The few who play along and join the globalist New World Order.

Could the possibility exist, that current oil speculators foresee Iran obtaining nuclear power in the near future and consequently lowering the price of oil ahead of this event? Which may explain why prices have currently dropped to record lows.

In closing, we are presented with liars in our politicians, they are front men; they have sold their souls to their puppet masters who pull their strings, and they very likely never even met them. Granted they are higher on the totem pole than we, the voting consumer slave who goes to work, buys what he’s told, pays his taxes, and retires in illness to give back the money he’s saved up in medical bills…

But our energies should be focused on the true leaders, not the actors. Sadly, there will unlikely be any mass awakenings or shifts towards a true Constitutional Republic and opposition to the Zionist grip that is strangling our politics and economy.


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