In the time period from about August to October of 2014 a series of “beheading videos” were released which appeared to depict citizens of western countries as captives, wearing orange jumpsuits, just prior to their decapitations, some read written confessions before being executed. In addition to citizens of the US, Britain, and France a large number of Syrian, Kurdish, and Lebanese soldiers were also beheaded, off camera.

376422_isis-isilThe videos of the western individuals appeared to be professionally produced in high definition, with dramatic backdrop, and do not show the actual beheadings, but only the first few seconds of contact between the blade of the masked “jihadist” and human flesh. The slices made by the executioner appear not to actually cut through the thin skin of the throat, and the videos all cut out at this point, subsequently showing the bodies of the hostages with their heads severed. Many questions have been raised regarding the videos and the motivations behind them.

Setting aside the suspicious production value of the videos, which raised MANY questions, one question I would like to pose to our independently minded readers, again applying my abnormal and uncommon sense of reason, is why the videos have stopped? ISIL remains a major and expanding force in the region and appears to be gaining ground having conquered significant swaths of land, cities and towns.

To be sure, taped executions of Arabs continue, including Syrian soldiers, civilians, Iraqis, and competing insurgent entities, but no further videos of westerners have been produced.

CIA admitted to using Bin Laden actor

CIA admitted to using Bin Laden actor

They quickly carried out “executions” of citizens of three western nations, and just as suddenly the videos ceased. Are there no more western captives available?

It appears the beheadings are yesterday’s news. My own view, at this stage, is that this project was a well scripted reverse propaganda campaign with the full intent of initiating increased combat activity and stoking the fires of public opinion in support of such. Just another day in the world of false flags.

If ISIS was indeed the only party responsible for the videos, for sake of argument produced without any outside assistance, the videos were certainly intended to benefit ISIL. However, the videos do not appear to have affected the actions of the west to the benefit of ISIL in any way.

To the contrary they have accelerated NATO’s military intervention in the region, which now includes a bombing campaign against supposed ISIL targets. Additionally, the recent burning of a Jordanian pilot alive has only fueled the Jordanian campaign against ISIL, which has now initiated around the clock bombing runs.

So if the videos were an unequivocal demand to the west to pull out of the middle east or be destroyed, they have clearly produced the opposite effect and were a complete failure. And if military intervention by NATO has increased, why have the hostage executions not increased proportionally, in proportion with increased ISIS power?

Recruitment video

Recruitment video

The second goal the videos likely intended was to increase recruitment and other forms of support from various parties. In this task we can probably assume that ISIL succeeded, since their flow of weapons and money do not seem to be eroding in any sense, notwithstanding any support from nefarious western sources which may very well coincide with the very same sources financing the western military offensive.

So if the videos were coordinated with western intelligence, which had as its main purpose to increase military activity in the region and increase the perceived strength of this organization, we may then deem the decapitation videos to have been a great success in this regard.

In recent days, the power of ISIS was demonstrated when they took a Syrian air base in the north and executed approximately 200 Syrian soldiers. This is not just a run of the mill rag-tag terrorist group, but a well trained and professionally equipped military organization.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

When considering this entire decapitation scenario, it would behoove us to review the similar situation we saw in 2005/2006 in Iraq with abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his al-Qaeda in Iraq reign of terror and the ensuing fits of political outrage.

Those decapitations created a massive media maelstrom of emotional aggression against those “savages”, and would likely be deemed a success on the propaganda front. And even before the videos, Zarqawi was well known to US intelligence, having been a lifetime “jihadist” operator, Wikipedia even states:

The Bush Administration used the possibility of Zarqawi’s presence in Iraq before March 2003 to justify the invasion of Iraq.

So this was the perfect boogeyman to be exploited for a renewed offensive, and to bolster public morale, in a war for which support was waning. In December of 2005 the President admitted that the war was initiated based on faulty intelligence, but defended his decision to initiate it in a rare Oval Office address.

But we already knew that contortions of reality have been used by politicians of all stripes to justify military action, regardless of the facts, throughout recent history.

Sinking of the Lusitania comes to mind, as a “let it happen” event. Gult of Tonkin, a now well known phantom non-event was used as justification for escalation in Vietnam. Pearl Harbor is now a well researched topic as a “let it happen” event, albeit for decades the incredible belief persisted that a Japanese carrier group could “sneak up” on an unprotected US naval base with war raging in Europe and on the high seas. Well it certainly can, with some help from the highest echelons of power. The Reichstag fire; we should all be familiar with this one by now; only someone as evil as Hitler could do that kind of thing, our own government would never even dream…War is a racket, we should know by now.

Obviously, 9/11 was the propaganda event of the decade, justifying any and all national and international measures to “keep us safe”, but yet somehow forgetting to shut down the open borders in the process.

Operation Gladio

Operation Gladio

Recent evidence indicates that the links between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were manufactured to suit the pre-ordained Iraq invasion. Was Zarqawi an unwitting agent of some higher coordinator of events in that region?

Knowing what we know about the myriad western ties to al-Qaeda through the decades this is highly probable. Certainly we can also look to Operation Gladio in Europe during the Strategy of Tension in the 1970s, as an appropriate similar situation, wherein patriotic dupes were used to carry out terroristic acts in order to fan the flames against Communism and keep the Cold War coals smoldering.

Zarqawi was a tool, a blunt object, unleashed to strike fear and hatred into the hearts of western masses, and used for propaganda purposes to increase the military offensive, until he was killed, which was also exploited as a major military objective by the Pentagon.

CIA beheadings production

Production Crew

Back to ISIS, one would assume that the predecessor of ISIS, al-Qaeda, would have surely understood that such execution videos would never produce the desired effect on the west, but only an escalation of combat operations, so why would this shadowy network of “masterminds” act against their own interests?

It seems they did the exact same thing with 9/11. These people just don’t seem to learn. Or perhaps its leadership is acting in its own interests, which does not necessarily coincide with the rank and file’s interests? Somewhat similar to western governments acting against their populations’ interests, over and over again, for some strange seemingly inexplicable reasons.

The situation today appears to show the western powers in extreme throws of a hissy fit with a burning desire to invade some new country in the middle east, namely Syria, perhaps Libya, certainly Iran at some point, with “boots on the ground” occupation troops. John McCain and his pal Lindsay Graham seem to be a ubiquitous presence on the “beat-the-war-drums” circuit. This agenda seems to have been delayed significantly by a partial mass awakening movement. The people have had enough war, but unfortunately they have no clue how deep this all goes.

The first attempt at such an invasion in early 2014, was rebuked by the American people in a article-forces-0903well publicized propaganda collapse, which was aided by public US troops’ opposition, and subsequent to a “red line” drawn by Obama (or his handlers) regarding a very unlikely chemical weapons attack unconvincingly blamed on the Syrian military by the CFR run State Department. By “well publicized”, what I mean is publicized in the alternative news media, certainly not the mainstream.

A few months later the propagandists resorted to the tried and true method of stoking the flames of indignation, religious conflict, and war through the power of television: the decapitation videos began coming out, with slick production values and massive airplay all over the corporate media and the web. A war cry was raised by the usual suspects, and a “limited air campaign” was quickly commenced, which apparently only includes air strikes, at this time.

We hear almost daily of air strikes carried out against ISIL “militants”, we see the explosions and are given regurgitated White House/Pentagon talking points regarding the successful destruction of important targets, yet we have no idea what the targets in fact were, if any, and if there is, in fact, any detrimental effect on the military capability of this entity.

Some estimates on the time line for this air strike campaign provided by military “analysts” i.e. professional Pentagon propagandists to produce a significant impact on the capabilities of ISIL is from one to two years, but we know how that game works.

propagandaRegarding the almost unprecedented rise of ISIS, my imagination runs wild… I see a smoky room somewhere in Washington or London or even the Kingdom of Saud, where something like the following is said by a man at the head of the table, holding a large cigar: “…apparently al-Qaeda doesn’t scare anyone anymore, big yawn; they won’t go for a new front with these people. We need a new name; a re-branding to strike fear and hate into the hearts of the masses. A group so vicious so militant and so brutal, we can use our churches and media to whip the zombies into another frenzy and sell them on some new pre-packaged, ready-to-eat, wholesome reality TV combat… But we will get those boots on the ground eventually, don’t you worry… Let’s try something exotic and easy to remember, like “ISIS”, see if it sticks.”0

By now we have learned from multiple sources of resupply air drops to ISIS, which are claimed to be mis-drops by the Pentagon propaganda machine.

We see the evidence, but refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of our eyes; ISIS was al-Qaeda, who are and have always been tools of the western elite.

Now, they are being used to establish permanent military installations in Iraq and put the hurt on Syria, in preparation for war with Iran. But those sources are just propaganda from our enemies, right? Our government would never do that!

And here we are, in yet another military engagement, another war with no foreseen end, with the probable scenario being an invasion with boots on the ground. Mission creep is a mainstream term these days…

Step by step, inch by inch, we are led down a very dark path. Surely we don’t think that the military industrial complex has given up? The potential profits reaped from war are too important, not to mention the global agenda and political aims sought to be carried out by the money masters.

RevolutioPrometheusns are the tool of the trade, since 1776, we must understand that they are all connected philosophically, to the same small secretive group of oligarchs and their families, as well as to the original mythical revolutionary, to the bringer of knowledge and light to humanity, to Prometheus  or Lucifer and the torch he holds, right now, at 1 Rockefeller Plaza.


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