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Watching the Republican debate tonight, I decided to free-flow this post… We have been subjected to war for the past 15 years in multiple theaters throughout the world. Our troops have endured multiple combat tours and have received atrocious medical care and economic remediation upon their return and detachment from the controlled world of the military. Our government has engaged in a campaign of indiscriminate assassination against anyone deemed to be a military target through the use of remote-piloted drones. Hundreds of billions of dollars have gone into financing this military industrial complex of genocidal crusades when we have massive unemployment, homelessness, poverty, lack of medical care, and many other issues at home.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, but we have the funds to finance top secret stealth battleships, multiple bombing campaigns, and the barely functioning F35 5th generation supposedly unstoppable jet, which apparently is now suffering from software problems. DARPA, the military “defense” research facility, has no shortage of funds for the development of programmable explosive bullets, exoskeleton suits, invisibility technology, terminator-robot soldiers, and multiple other futuristic weaponry right out of Hollywood. Department of Defense budget hovers around $600 billion, and the Republican candidates seem hellbent on increasing funding to the military by continually running the fear program campaign that we are under constant threat from the Islamic hordes trying to get their hands of nukes.

The idea is for us to disregard the 17 national federal law enforcement agencies tasked with creating the surveillance/police state apparatus, one of which, Department of Homeland Security has an annual budget of a 55 billion dollars and are apparently using those funds to monitor the mobile application KIK. We need to disregard the fact that there are approximately 2 million military service members in uniform with 100 operational bombers and 300 Navy ships. We need more and more and more…

Military servicemembers

Prior posts on this site have discussed various tactics used by the elite Wall Street and banking rulers to divide and threaten the masses into fear and consequently into war. Generally the tactics are centralized around the Hegelian dialectic, the tactic of divide and conquer, and use of all forms of media including Hollywood, television news and shows, as well as paid agents embedded within all these forms of media to continue to traumatize the minds of the gullible masses with fear and exhortations to hate.

We have discussed such mass programming events such as World War 1 and the hate propaganda against the Germans, despite the fact that Germany was a stronger ally of the US at the time and most of the population favored entering that war on Germany’s side. We have gone through the propaganda and mass trauma inculcated into the masses during the Cold War hoax, including Operation Gladio and the strategy of tension in which the P2 Masonic lodge, CIA, NATO, and the Vatican were instrumental. The profits from the mass panic generated by manipulation of the atomic clock, daily “duck and cover” drills, and the open policy of mutually assured destruction were certainly astronomical. The “Red Scare” was a well-planned and executed divide and conquer stratagem intended to increase chaos and conflict here at home, which is a tactic now being used by the European rulers who are flooding their own countries mostly with masses of young males whose paradigm is culturally incompatible with their own citizenry.

Today, we have the war between the civilized western world and the “savages” of radical Islam. A massive, unwinnable, unending conflict that has been made perpetual, the fear from which could hold the populace in a constant state of fear and hate, which can only be cured by massive consumption of goods, and of course, war. Hero films, such as American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty, certainly made with financing by the military industrial complex/CIA are very important weapons whose purpose is not only to fan the flames of hate but to replenish the ranks of their war machine.

If you fail to see the reality of the road down which we are being led, then this is the time to get a grip and step back. Reject what you see and hear until you are able to use only your own insight and understanding to ascertain the situation. Look into the reading list available on the menu above, or from the previous posts, and begin to educate yourself, regardless of your political leanings. Politics are well scripted and professionally produced stage production for out benefit, but the policies never change except for those that are irrelevant to the Wall Street benefactors, such as social issues that inflame strong emotional responses from all sides.

Obama has continued Bush’s wars on a more limited basis, in order to allow a perception of difference between the left and right, and to allow the right wing to then ramp up the already ongoing conflicts while claiming that Obama and the left wing have weakened our country and the military, which is not the case in the least. It was in fact Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, who substantially cut and understaffed the military prior to the invasion of Iraq, despite warnings from his generals that the manpower was insufficient to pacify that country.

Based on prior posts on this site, hopefully you can understand that the creation of mass chaos was actually the goal in that situation. This is why we fight wars to lose, despite the fact that we outspend all participants, employ the most erudite military planners, and have the most advanced technology. If conflicts ended quickly and victoriously, then profits would be insufficient to substantiate new spending on weaponry, hence, when the military does poorly the excuse is then made that they are underfunded, and massive spending is quickly legislatively mandated.

Obama’s policies, or should we say the policies dictated to him by his handlers, have slaughtered masses of innocents, certainly not too far from Bush’s policies, or those of Skull and Bones, and have ensured that the level of hate from our “enemies” will remain strong for a very long time.

This state of mutual hate is essential to the success of the military industrial complex’s plans. We must not allow our politicians to fear-monger to us about mythical enemies coming to kill our children, financed by our own money directly or indirectly, and then willingly give up the remnants of our rights in exchange for security which can only be achieved through tyranny. Don’t allow them to manipulate you; it is all absolutely well planned and intentionally executed. The only thing to fear is the path we are on being dictated from Wall Street and Washington.


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