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The leaked photos of the shooter’s room show a number of weapons, two photos of the body, and a view from outside the room.

Paddock rifle on foot The photo clearly shows Paddock lying dead with a machine gun bi-pod standing directly above his foot. This is an extremely odd position to kill one-self in. As a former soldier, this author could not fathom a position the Paddock must have been in to have shot himself with the rifle ending up standing right above his foot. Generally in filmed footage of suicides, the person either stands fully upright or will sit down before firing. Once a person is shot then he goes limp, he does not continue to move, aside from possible twitching, but certainly not enough to move nearly a foot under the tripod, while the rifle remains undisturbed.

This placement of the weapon is extremely suspicious. There needs to be a computer generated re-enactment of how exactly the suicide occurred for the current story-line to be believable. Was Paddock sitting on the floor during the suicide and his leg extended under the rifle after he was shot? At this stage, the most reasonable conclusion to be drawn from this scene is that the rifle on the bi-pod was moved after Paddock was dead and placed on top of his foot.

Paddock shot in headThe next photo shows Paddock’s head post-mortem with a mouth full of blood, blood pooled around his head, a revolver above his head, and some shell casings on top of the blood. First off, the situation with the eyes being open indicates that death occurred quickly; hence the position of the weapon in the photo being a few feet above Paddock’s head is extremely perplexing and reeks of staging. There is simply no way he could have thrown the gun that far after being shot. A weapon that is used in a suicide is generally dropped immediately next to the body or remains in the shooter’s hand with the finger on the trigger due to muscle spasm. There does not appear any reasonable way that the revolver presumably used by Paddock would end up in its current position unless it was dropped there by another party.

The next suspicious item to point out is that there are clean shell casings on top of the pool of blood around Paddock’s head. This is simply not possible as any shell casings which were fired before the suicide would be covered in blood or at least have some indication of blood droplets on top. This is a common investigative technique to determine the timeline of a shooting. The only way clean shell casings could end up on top of Paddock’s blood would be if they were fired after the ‘suicide’, which would also indicate another person carried out the attack or a portion of the attack.

Paddock receiptA receipt from Mandalay Bay room service shows Paddock ordered room service for 2; hence he certainly had at least one guest.  Could it have been a prostitute? A business associate? Were the weapons hidden or did the guest just simply ignore them while in the room? It would be difficult to believe dozens of weapons plus large amounts of ammo could be hidden out of sight so as to not arouse suspicion from a guest who would not be aware of the presence of the weapons. The more likely scenario is that the guest was a buyer of the weapons, a transfer agent, a co-conspirator, a handler, the seller of the weapons, a government agent, a private entity agent, a foreign agent of a government or private body, and/or the true perpetrator of the massacre.

In still breaking news, just today, 10/10/17 the Las Vegas Sheriff’s department turned their timeline on its head, which tells us how little law enforcement actually knows or more likely is hiding and constructing the timeline of the shooting (along with their federal counterparts) as they go along to see what the public will believe. The local Sheriff conducting the investigation came out stating that the security guard whom was claimed to have been wounded by Paddock about 15 minutes after he had opened fire on the concert, was actually shot 6 minutes before the shooting had started. This is a blatant red flag for anyone with a very basic sense of reason: since the guard survived, had a radio on him, and had presumably called in the shooting, then police would have reasonably been at the Mandalay within 2-5 minutes, but in fact took well over an hour to breach Paddock’s room.

This demonstrates both obscene and gross incompetence on the part of the police or a powerful intervention in the response time of law enforcement by “other” authorities; for example FBI, CIA, HS, or one of the other alphabet agencies with a black budget and domestic ops ran in contravention of numerous laws, which may have had their black ops ‘disavowed’ agents and/or contractors in place at the scene of the crime. There were likely local Vegas police present right at the Mandalay Bay hotel at the time of the shooting, or within seconds of arrival near the building.

It is far more likely that local police were ordered to stand down from initiating a breach by a higher authority which potentially ordered the stand down under the guise of a covert federal operation being run at that very time which would be jeopardized if local police intervened. This would be the only reasonable explanation for the unbelievable hour long delay, and the subsequent absurd defense that Vegas PD could not determine the room where the gunfire was coming from and subsequently a fire alarm alerted them to the correct room. Since now we all know that a security guard was indeed made aware of Paddock’s armed and dangerous presence and had ample opportunity to report it, as did many other guests who presumably would have heard the gunfire before any shooting on the concert began, only a complete buffoon could believe such excuses on the part of law enforcement for the delay.

paddock friendFinally, we need to consider the testimony of those around Stephen Paddock, those who’ve known him for years and even decades, and each and every one with a single voice has had nothing but kind words to say about him calling him “caring, helpful, wanting to make people happy,” and a “good person”. Considering there were no prior solid evidence of homicidal or suicidal tendencies, no record of violent crime, no recent brain trauma, besides his apparent prescription Valium intake (which would make him highly docile and lethargic), and no record of gun collecting or usage, these items should all collectively be taken into account when we consider whether or not he was capable of carrying out such a crime or whether we are being lied to by the “authorities”. All statements about Paddock being violent made by transient persons who did not really know him are not credible for numerous reasons such as they are paid agents saying what they are told to say, they are seeking their 5 minutes of attention, or they have honestly confused some other person with Paddock; as it stands there is no credible evidence of Paddock being violent EVER towards anyone else, in his entire life.

It is this author’s opinion, based on the discussed information here, that Stephen Paddock was not the person who carried out the shooting, but an as yet unknown 3rd party planned and carried out the massacre after executing Paddock and staging the scene to make it appear that Paddock was the shooter. This would not have been a spontaneous act, but carefully planned and choreographed. This would not be the first time crime scenes were staged, not the first time patsies were used to take the blame for the crimes of others, and not the first time that governmental ‘authorities’ lied to the public about the truth.

Certainly there is far more information that will dribble out as time goes on, and the possibility does exist that Stephen Paddock may have been the only guilty party, having planned and carried out the massacre on his own, with all the suspicions discussed in these posts having been wrongly interpreted. But We The People require absolute and conclusive evidence to this effect which as yet remains unproduced. All we have are statements and conjecture from incredible parties; we need video footage and detailed crime scene recreation analysis produced by independent 3rd parties, both of which are unlikely to occur. This will be a quick “case closed” on the part of our federal overlords and the case to be relegated to the dustbin of other unresolved tragic events.




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