After a long hiatus, we are back, with the most important question being debated across the conspiracy community: who does Donald Trump answer to, if anyone? The author does not claim to know the answer in fact, but will merely offer arguments to support the opinion that indeed DT is independent, not a member of the deep state, is attempting to act in America’s best interests, and is walking on a razor between the competing sides of the deep state using his business and negotiating acumen. The author is under no illusion that DT can stop, reverse, or defeat the deep state globalist cabal that has rules America for at least 100 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve, however, the will of the people toward independence, national pride, and prosperity has indeed awakened, and is growing with each passing day. If not the death knell, Trump may be the cornerstone of the movement that ends the one-worlders.

First, we need to consider the difference with which the US media treat Trump in comparison with his predecessor, whom the media worshiped on a daily basis. It was insulting to any sane person’s intelligence the extent to which they went out of their way to cover for his hypocrisy, lies, errors, scandals, and misdeeds. Dozens of real scandals were swept under the rug with an absolute minimum of reportage done by the fully controlled journalist pets of the NWO. In contrast not a day goes by that Trump and/or his family is not attacked on some mythical utterly fictitious conspiracy theory which has yet to manifest any evidence. Clearly, he DT is not blameless and there are real problems in the administration which merit attention, but the extent that fictitious stories are played up is mind boggling.

This difference is not an accident; the media does what they are told and simply read the lines that are written for them. Trump has few defenders in the media, mostly on radio and a few on Fox who have yet to be silenced, but by and large 90%+ of the media is gleefully and in lock step with one another regarding their agenda of obstruction and removal of Trump from office by any means necessary, by hook or by crook.

Next we should consider the actions of Trump himself since he has taken office. Has he carried out or ATTEMPTED to carry out, using his best efforts, the promises he made during the campaign? This author will aver that indeed he has fought mightily and done what he could on his own as well as attempted to spur the US Congress into aiding him in carrying out the agenda for which they were elected. The main issue is that he needs the assistance of traitorous globalist republicans, who reject the principles of conservatism and are in fact stealth agents of the NWO. This assistance is not likely to be forthcoming unless he compromises on some of his principles and promises; one such promise was to pull out of Afghanistan, in regards to which DT has now announced a mild escalation. This tiny surge of 4k troop pales to Obama’s surge of 30k+ and certainly provides him additional leverage to negotiate from a greater position of strength for a greater withdrawal, but it was indeed seen as a stab in the back to his base who voted based on his anti-nation building rhetoric.

We must understand that he was not elected dictator and needs the votes of over 300 other persons in congress to get what he needs to do done. On many other issues such as borders, jobs, legal immigration, culture, he has been fabulously steadfast and has performed admirably. Most assuredly, DT has endured a level of vitriol directed unparalleled in American history; the gangs of thugs and miscreants unleashed on society have had a nearly free reign to wreak havoc and cause chaos which falls nicely in line with the deep state’s motto: ordo ab chao.

We can see Hegel’s dialectics at play here on a global as well as local scale, masterfully orchestrated by the string-pullers, the money-masters, the deep state. Globally we have Islam being relocated into the west, a clash of civilizations where violence and sexual attacks are a common occurrence in Europe and the people are silenced from speaking out about their own nations gradually taken away. This same plan lies in store for the US, but at least half of all Americans are far more anti-government and independent to bend over for such an invasion.

Now we have the dialectic of the left and the right conflict played out on the news daily. This also is a controlled, intentional plan for creating a new form of society: the synthesis. The author is certain that both sides have many bought and paid for agent provocateurs acting under the direction of some covert intelligence apparatus, perhaps even without their own direct knowledge. Likely some well-known media figures are on the payroll of those whom each side would consider abhorrent and would be reviled if their names were spoken in common company.

Perhaps the real string-pullers are as yet unknown to us. However, it should be stated that DT has been speaking the same way about politics for decades, and has the courage to speak out loud the things, while not always polite or well put grammatically, that must be said. If DT were an agent of the deep state then he would certainly have an easier time with the media, congress, and on the international arena. This author is convinced that Trump is the real deal, and while not perfect or a Ron Paul, he has given up a relatively easy life of grandeur and luxury for his current leadership position, and must be supported to the fullest extent possible by those who agree with his aims.


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