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Here we go again: a lone gunman wreaks havoc on random innocents and leaves a trail of blood, this time the location is Orlando. These shootings have been going on for decades, some random, some targeted against specific people, some true lone wolves and some so suspicious and similar to previous shootings that its difficult to chalk them up to random happenstance, pure hate, mental conditions, medications, or religion. Most shooters are indeed on some form of medication, by the way; prescribed by a ‘medical professional’ whose motives are never investigated.

A false flag is an operation blamed on a party other than the one that actually carried it out.
operation gladio

Operation Gladio False Flag

Although we know without a doubt that false flags do indeed exist and have existed for hundreds of years, we can’t really prove conclusively that some of these shooting attacks are false flags unless we find the black ops teams that are covertly operating within our government, but we can gather the available evidence and make a reasoned assessment.

Initially my belief was that Orlando indeed was a lone wolf attack, but as evidence began coming out, I began to see the pattern emerging. The contradictions in the  official story and what was coming from the eye witnesses, in the molding, spinning, and handling of the story by the media, in the response of the government. All canned, prepared, ready to fire, just like the others.

In this situation we have a “devout” Muslim with a young child and no prior history of mental illness, although apparently possessing a bellicose and repulsive personality, who goes on a mass shooting spree at a gay Hispanic night club, driving over 100 miles to Orlando.

First off, why poor/middle class gay Hispanics? Why not wealthy white gays? Or wealthy whites in any case. If I were ISIS, my target would be the symbols of capitalism and America’s greed: wealthy white people. There are plenty of wealthy white clubs in Miami and surrounding areas.

Hispanics may actually more likely be sympathetic to the plight of Arabs/Muslims under American global policy of initiating war and fomenting chaos. If the shooter was a devotee of Anwar Al-Awlaki, as was the Fort Hood shooter apparently, then it seems unlikely that the best target would have been lower class Hispanic gays, but we are to believe that he was homophobic.

On this point the media is apparently coming up that the shooter may have been a closeted homosexual himself, and the religious motive was a mere ruse from the guilt he experienced as a self-loathing gay man. A stretch by any measure, but this appears to be the new media narrative: an intersection of homosexuality and religious intolerance. But this is media spin, and we cannot know if he really was in fact gay or its a story spun after the fact. Certainly difficult to believe any closeted gay male could commit such atrocities due to self-loathing, no matter how ‘radicalized’ he may have been; even more difficult to find a previous example of such crimes.

Remember, vising a gay club does not mean the shooter was gay, but may mean he was casing the place. Furthermore, claims that he corresponded with gays and made passes at men does not mean he was gay, unless someone comes out with direct evidence that he actually committed homosexual acts. Until that time, my view is we can disregard the ‘self-loathing homicidal homosexual’ narrative.

Next is the fact that the shooter had been interviewed by the government, a familiar theme with previous gunmen. We can chalk it all up to incompetence apparently; much like the government deciding not to investigate a group of Arabs learning nothing about flying other than how to land a plane circa 2000. Such common themes are usually connected to the introduction of informers or agents to the shooter, who befriends them, and who will usually be spurred into deeper cycles of negative emotional spirals and gradually provided the means and opportunity to carry out an attack.

We know the Boston and San Bernardino shooters were familiar to the government, yet all were able to carry out substantial attacks right under the government’s nose. I am not suggesting here the entire federal apparatus is complicit, we need to understand that only small groups of people are privy to the “sheep-dipping” operations, and these groups exist in all strata of a given organization’s hierarchy, with sufficient power to initiate and kill investigations. So while the FBI is investigating someone, the CIA could be running a covert sheep-dipping operation without the knowledge of even their own superiors.

First of all, immigrants under suspicion of nefarious activity or radical beliefs could be deported (the father of Mateen, in this case, speaking out in favor of the Taliban). Second, a federal check is required with the purchase of every firearm, and an alert trigger could be initiated upon such a check for a person under investigation or on some unknown suspicion list, who knows how many lists the government has. I would assume they have lists for lists, and everyone is one of them. Finally, thanks to the PATRIOT act, and NDAA 2012 indefinite detention of immigrants and US citizens is permissible by the US government. A weapons purchase trigger may cause such detention if it were really necessary to preserve the safety of Americans, but it was not used in any mass shooting case.

Furthermore, there are numerous investigative techniques available today, such as infiltration and bugging of certain mosques, we know this one to be widely used, particularly with the mosque in question which had been on the feds’ radar for years. Tracking bugs could be placed on all electronics used by a suspect, no manpower is necessary, just tracking of all online activity and conversation occurs with certain trigger words or searches increasing scrutiny and review by the case agent the more triggers are activated. We should not be so easily fooled that an investigation is quickly closed after multiple contacts; electronic surveillance is easy, cheap, and very common.

They shooting


Let’s consider the events of the shooting itself. How does one bring a long rifle and pistol into a club with substantial security including an armed LEO out front? Not so easy, from personal experience running a club; every person is patted down and every bag gets searched, this is not particularly costly or time consuming. The main target of searches are not usually weapons, depending on the location of the club, but more likely hidden liquor. Metal detector wands are very inexpensive, most clubs have them… Difficult to believe ANYONE could hide an AR 15 on his body or in a bag and get into the front door.

More likely scenario? An accomplice let the shooter into the back door, and perhaps assisted with the firing, soon sneaking out with the rest of the crowd, leaving the main attacker inside to be killed/sacrificed. We need to consider the fact that a club is dark and full of flashing lights, with people moving around and running away after the shooting starts, it is very difficult to aim accurately, particularly to hit 100 people, this would require specialized training, more than a security guard would have.

I would assume the layout of the club was studied prior to the attack with one of the shooters initiating a firing funnel into a second shooter. Otherwise such a high body count would have been improbable.

Another strange claim is that Mateen was actually making calls during the attack, to media, to his wife, texting friends, checking Facebook… Strange and improbable behavior indeed, if true. It would be unusual any person inexperienced in combat should remain so level-headed as to carry out such activity. Killing people tends to induce some form of stress in most people.

Of course, we know the shooter always dies! As with Oswald, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, and many others. And although one of the Boston bombers did survive we know the police tried very hard to kill him, and he did defy the odds; even the black ops groups aren’t perfect. In this case Orlando SWAT waited over 3 hours to go into the club while many were shot… Very unusual behavior indeed. Were they told to stand down? Benghazi anyone?

shooter's ex-wife

Crawling out of the woodwork

After the shooter is dead, we have a parade of friends, neighbors, exes, acquaintances, school mates,teachers, etc., making their rounds through the channels, and we have no idea who these people are or whether they ever knew the shooter or are mere actors well prepared to continue the trauma based mind control. They could have been plants or handlers for the shooter during their “sheep-dipping” preparation stage, assigned to guide them in the right direction.

A “sheep-dipped” patsy is one who undergoes a long-term false affiliation with some group that established the person as a certain “type”, such as a Communist in Oswald’s case, or a radical extremist, homophobic etc.

So why would Mateen make a call from the club during the attack to swear allegiance to ISIS? Wouldn’t this distract from the purpose of killing as many as possible? Why not leave a tape with your manifesto on your body or upload it online like many others do?

Where are the audio and video recordings? Surely there were many cameras around and inside the Orlando club. We still have not seen any eye-witnesses who saw the shooter behind the weapon firing. All we have is hearsay. All the footage has likely been confiscated by the government by now. We don’t even have the body of the shooter; he vanished like Osama into the ocean.

Why would nefarious powers in our own government want to carry out such attacks on their own soil, against their own people, innocent people? First off, we need to understand that they don’t care about us; they don’t care if we live or die, its all the same to them. They throw away thousands of soldiers annually to war, suicide, poor medical treatment… And hundreds of thousands of foreigners die and are killed as a direct result of US actions, it has been this way for over a hundred years. The US government has no problem killing innocents, children, and any other bystanders in the way of its mercenary policy objectives.

Next, the point of a continuing stream of such attacks is to perpetuate what may be termed as “trauma-based mind control“. This is something that also takes place through the media, film, and television in general. This topic is discussed earlier in this blog. Gradual desensitization to violence creates a more malleable and gullible state of sheeple who will obey and follow their rulers into whatever war they are told is the right one at the time. We have seen this all before with the Cold War and Operation Gladio, where Communism was the great evil boogeyman, and Americans were more than ready to fight and die to defeat that scourge and halt the oft believed but entirely false “domino theory.” Its fear mongering in its highest form.

Aside from the militaristic designs on never-ending war with an unbeatable foe our government has planned,  there is also that anti-gun agenda, where an armed citizenry is the main impediment to recreating the European utopia in America; a quasi-socialist melting pot where competition is abhorred, and cradle to grave social benefits keep the sheep fat and happy, while their rulers enjoy untold privilege, wealth, and power.

Finally, as also discussed previously, chaos and “divide and conquer” stratagem has been and is being implemented against us; we are to continue to fight with one another over issues of mass distraction such as social matters, which really hold little interest for the globalists, except for how they could be used to keep Americans from coming together, and continuing to gnaw at one another with the help of the highly divisive and polarizing media apparatus. Remember the dialectic: thesis vs. anti-thesis brings about a new form of each: the synthesis.

Such attacks are also used as distractions from more significant global events, such as we currently have the Bilderberger gathering to plan events for the next year, as well as the upcoming BREXIT, the possible withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Other secretive and unknown events may be going on that will never have any light shed on them.

The federal apparatus may not have intentionally planned and executed this event, but the next step down is that the small covert group handling this individual wound him up and let it happen. This provides maximum deniability.

The shooter’s family’s connections to the Afghan government is a significant factor to consider, because there has been a lot of dirty dealing between the two governments, including heroin smuggling operations, payoffs/graft/bribes/missing money, the billions wasted on training and armaments, and the tenuous alliances with corrupt tribal chiefs. We can assume the shooter’s father was brought in for a reason, which may have been cooperation, providing of intelligence, or carrying out of certain operations.

The son was surely on the Feds’ radar since his youth, as the father was very likely under some form of monitoring or surveillance since his arrival in the US, as a political person.

So, is there definitive proof that the Orlando attack was a false flag covert government operation? Certainly not, I cannot say this without a doubt. However the similarities to previous shootings are uncanny, and point in the false flag direction, at least to a “let it happen” event.

If you study previous attacks and begin to pay attention to the subsequent problems with the government and media narratives, the contradictions in the story from witnesses, the gap-filled time line, strange and inexplicable behavior by the attacker(s) prior to and during the attack, prior government contacts, lack of concrete video evidence, history if mental instability and/or psychoactive medications…. The coincidences are too great to simply ignore. Don’t let others dictate your beliefs to you, think CRITICALLY for yourself; open your mind.







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