divide and conquer


british colonialismAvailable evidence has shown us, with distinctive clarity, the motivations of the British controlling elite as regards the American colonies behind the continuation of a slave trade which was not particularly wanted, save for a few locations where cheap labor was in short supply.

The motivations could be clearly seen, through keen discernment and historical analysis, as the desire to split the American population into more manageable segments, so as to create racial discord and disharmony.

So as to distract state legislatures to have to deal with the legalities of slavery and the debates on ending and managing it, so as to create a threat to the white inhabitants of a mass rebellion by the black population, so as to create a fifth column of potential military recruits and saboteurs in the event of colonial revolution, and to ensure that after slavery were inevitably ended, the freed population would forever harbor intense resentment, anger, and distrust towards other races, which would be unlikely to ever heal.

chicago race riots

1919 Chicago race riots

Due to the severity of the psychological injury to the emancipated, this emotional hostility could then be channeled in appropriate directions, by knowing persons, into causes which would be deemed suitable by the controlling hierarchy… And so America has struggled ever since, with its crass inability to address the plight of a people swept up in the human commerce abhorrent to the light of reason.

What parallels can we deduce, through our divine power of reason, with today’s events in America (and even Europe which is a separate topic for discussion)? These events involve moving large numbers of immigrants into American states from South America, and very recently involve the migrations of mass numbers of children.

We aren’t complete fools, hopefully, and we can arrive at least at a tentative agreement that it is highly unlikely that modern illegal immigration is an accident of a prosperous economy bordering an impoverished one. Yes, southern migration has decades of history, but never in the current amounts.

For if our government were so concerned about the unknown millions living in America illegally, a significant proportion career criminals, and perhaps even more concerned about all those “terrorists” we have been so well trained to fear since September 2001 and actually long before that fortuitous event for the Grand Architects, through media propaganda, then one would reasonably assume they would militarize the border and lock it down. Wouldn’t they?

Let’s not forget the issue of the narco-cartels and all those “illegal” substances they transport daily into our land demarcations. That would be three threats to national security that could have been addressed by sealing the border immediately after the 9/11 attacks. A billion dollar Homeland Security agency was established shortly thereafter, but apparently border security is not one its mission components. We read from Wikipedia:

Homeland security is officially defined by the National Strategy for Homeland Security as “a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur
drug money

Seized cash

The border was never sealed, the traffic of souls continued unabated, save for a few dramatized hollow motions of hiring more border patrol, the traffic of “Islamist terror cells” supposedly continued, and the traffic of drugs continued. What have been the results of this unrestrained movement of humanity and inventory?

(We will not address here, the ABSURD notion that despite an open border, our motivated and capable “enemies” who were able to wound America so strategically on 9/11, have been unable to muster a similar disaster since that time.

It is a preposterous concept that America would not have been hit again and again and again until it was fully brought down, by “Islamist criminal masterminds” who supposedly despise us all and our glorious and threatening “freedoms”, unless of course, the attacks of that day were not planned or carried out by those whom we are to deem our “enemies”… )

Moving on… one significant difference from the slave trade of colonial days is that the new slave class can relocate itself, so the costs of shipping aren’t borne by those who are causing this situation to transpire. The impoverished Latinos save up their meager funds and pay for risky and deadly passage to the promised land, regardless of the unknown, risk of death, and possible deportation in the future. Shipping costs really cut into profits.

Next, a major incentive to make the risky passage into North America is the social benefits in general, such as food stamps, medical assistance, schooling, and other welfare programs. Latin nations certainly offer no such benefits to their underclasses. Among other benefits are jobs, the potential to advance one’s life station through hard work, and physical safety.

The motivations of much of the illegal immigrant population may be righteous, but that’s not part of the discussion here. We are merely concerned about reviewing the end results of this situation, and the effect which it has clearly had on our national collective consciousness.

We can see a general state of tension in our towns, perhaps not overtly, but palpable. We Immigration demonstrationunderstand that this state of affairs cannot continue indefinitely for various reasons.

Hostility is mainly directed by the media and its representatives: towards the people who are shown on our screens nightly; angrily, protesting, striking, shouting, marching, and demanding…

Hostility is only barely directed to those in ostensible “charge”, and when it is, it quickly dissipates because typically, the legislator for an area is one who enjoys popularity in that district due to strategic gerrymandering, or that person is cleared out at the next election, when the new crop promises to act for change of the status quo. But none ever occurs, and the masses revert their attention back to their immediate problems which are reinforced daily to be other human pawns, just like they are.

immigration promises

Familiar faces bring us familiar statements

And so we go, round and round, with rhetoric, anger, empty promises, speeches, filibusters, hollow actions, and nothing changes. Perhaps its time for us to understand, to realize, to awaken to the rather obvious fact that things are meant to be this way.

That the status quo is a prerogative of powers far above those we purport to elect to represent us in our so-called “self-determination.” That both we, and the New Slave Class are mere pawns in the game on a global chess board that has spanned centuries with the end-goal being that… Well, that’s a topic for future posts.

Obviously, we are not comparing the illegal migrant New Slave Class, and colonial slave lifestyles here, for there is no comparison. Certainly, the New Slave is not chained or shackled to his or her plantation, or beat for disobedience, or bought and sold as chattel, but is in fact free to consume all that he can afford and beyond, to go anywhere, do anything within the law, and otherwise occupy his time as he deems fit.

The parallel sought to be made here is in the purpose of the migrations, which I deem to be the very same as the purpose of the slave trade imposed by Britain. By the flooding of America with a foreign culture underclass, which is generally impoverished, and reluctant to assimilate in many ways, the Money Masters are creating the same atmosphere of hostility, resentment, division, and distraction as that which was manifested by the propagation of the slave trade.

Consider how much of our time, money and media resources have gone and continues to go immigration conflictinto the conflict regarding illegal immigration. Endless shows, debates, speeches, protests pro and con, threats and strikes have manifested as a result of this new population within our borders.

Both sides of the debate are highly charged emotionally, and regardless of the fact that they may both be financed by the same nefarious powers which caused this situation in the first place, the populace at large believes the debate to be real.

They believe that they are guided by facts, reality and reason, and whether they choose to consider themselves Christian, progressive, atheist, humanitarian, pragmatist, nationalist, conservative, liberal, traditionalist, activist or reconquista, they are not likely to surrender their position, and no resolution is likely forthcoming, short of civil war. This topic is a perpetual bonanza of distraction, division, and acrimony between the masses for the powers that are focused on accomplishing their own occulted goals.

The thesis of the recreation of the slave trade under the modern guise of illegal immigration is backed up in that various public figures have called the illegal immigrants the “new slave class” and used other similar terms to describe them.

Numerous articles exist on the web comparing the plight of the colonial slaves to the New Slave the illegal immigrant. The “battle” for amnesty or legal status is commonly posed as a civil rights issue by left wing advocates, and frequently compared to that movement of the 1960’s.

Although, I hardly have access to documents which conclusively prove that our government and those who control it intentionally sought to recreate the original results of the slave trade in our modern day, which was to cement power, control, and sew discord, I can use my divine power of reason to conclude that since so many historic events have been manipulated and used again and again and again to accomplish similar nefarious goals by the powers that be, this situation is unlikely to be different.

Here too, as Britain and king George were during the colonial days of slavery, our government has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the populace to end illegal immigration, to seal the borders and to deport as many as possible, and create the enforcement conditions which would lead to mass self-deportation.

Yes, we have many right-wing actors in politics and media who bray, sometimes more loudly than others, about the problems that this unchecked immigration has brought, they make speeches and make crass emotional appeals, but in reality nothing significant has been done to stem the human waves.

immigration cartoon

Two sides on one coin

This is a loyal and impotent opposition. The recent partial amnesty/work permit program law created by the Executive branch, more likely than not under direct control of some foreign power, can easily be stripped of funding by Congress, which they elected not to do.

Hence we can deduce that by failing to meaningfully take action to oppose policies which they claim they oppose, both sides are on the same page, and merely agree behind the scenes to create a spectacle, a drama, a full-blown Hollywood production for our benefit and to rouse our emotional capacities so as to provoke racial disharmony, once again as Britain had done so long ago.

The American government buys votes, begs for donations like used car salesmen, and divides humanity by race so that we may never unite against them and their owners. The media, nearly all of it owned and directed by very few entities/individuals is only to happy to oblige to sew the seeds of conflict and racial discord. Don’t let them rule your mind.


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